Michael Schumacher: feeling of medicine! There is new hope

Do not abandon! That's the motto of Michael Schumacher. Will his courageous fight be rewarded?

Photo: SI

It's almost a miracle: Samuel Koch is standing against a wall. A meaningful photo – which also gives hope to Michael Schumacher and his loved ones. Because the actor and the world champion of Formula 1 on seven occasions share the same fate: Samuel Koch squeezed over to "Wetten, dass …?" and has been paraplegic since. Michael Schumacher had a serious skiing accident in 2013. The 50-year-old, like Samuel Koch, needs medical help.

What unites them is their trust and fierce nature. Samuel Koch was not deterred by the prognosis of doctors never walking and standing up again. For eight months, he trained on a recently developed treadmill designed in Norway for disabled children. Michael Schumacher's wife, Corinna, and their children also have a lot of faith in medicine, a close friend of the family confirms. "Corinna and the children hope that a medical miracle will happen so far," said the confidante.

Michael Schumacher is a fighter

Who knows, maybe doctors and researchers will not realize such a miracle. "We are confident that in this fight, time – like so many years in Formula 1 – will become Michael's ally again," said Corinna Schumacher in an interview. Schumis Director Sabine Kehm added, "We will all continue to hope and continue to do everything possible to make it different again."

    Michael Schumacher just can not calm down.

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Samuel Koch arouses hope and encouragement. Even though he himself does not believe in miracles, the predictions for Michael Schumacher are still fantastic.