Friday's magazine | You must know that on the squalane beauty ingredient

What is squalane?

Squalane is a fat moleculethat, of course, in the human sebum happens and our skin with humidity provides and protects. As with other skin components, the proportion of squalane decreases by about 20%. The active ingredient comes in various forms. plant before, but also in Goat's milk and fish oilsIn skincare products, only pure oils from vegetable sourcesmainly olives or sugar cane, used.

How does squalane affect the skin?

Squalane receives the moisture content skin and neutralizes environmental damage – typical Anti-aging properties So. Unlike hyaluronic acid, which attracts and stores water, sealed Squalane on humidity and thus minimizes the loss of moisture.

How is squalane used?

Squalane come as either more ingredients in creams and serums before or as pure squalane oilFor the full effect, the latter is the best option. Squalane can also be used with a single product. Hyaluronserum to be used. Apply the serum first and then massage with 2 drops of squalane oil. By the way, this can also be on the hair to be applied to the raking improve, prevent hair breakage and bright take care of.

Who should use squalane?

Because this pure light oil a rapid absorption and not fat From texture, it is suitable as a face oil for people who do not really like face oil. As he is non-comedogenic and therefore does not favor blackheads, it is suitable for all skin types, Especially, however dry and fragile skin especially enjoys squalane.