Children win prizes and important ideas

Does the weather last until the end? Again and again, the sight of the many Happy Family Days visitors is turned to the sky. Because dark clouds have formed threateningly early in the afternoon. But they have disappeared again. Without rain, the event took place Sunday but not on stage.

It rains abundantly early Sunday morning. But just in time for the start of the event at 10 o'clock, the first rays of sun are visible. "We take the weather as it is," said Carmen Gessler, permanent director at the German Red Cross. With her team, she supports the medical service and takes the opportunity to show first-aid measures to visitors. Along the Kaiserstra├če, everything is focused on health and prevention.

Also at the police headquarters booth in Constance. Kurt Hinz and Gerhard Angele explain the risks associated with driving motor vehicles, practice a fun education to traffic with the help of a hidden object and, to the delight of the children, have brought their wooden colleague, Paul.

A few meters further, the guides of the nature theme park inform about the recently opened project in the city forest, near the clinics, accept inquiries about guided tours and birthdays of children and carry out manual work with the children. Only natural materials are used. Emsig is also present on the Toom-Baumarkt stand. Children paint flower pots and plant them with peat-free soil. On the stand of the biomark of fruits and flowers, you can enjoy delicious summer rolls, filled with fine wild herb salad and vegetable pens. Different on the market. Juicy steaks, sausages and fish are grilled at the Sportfischereivereins Bad Saulgau stand. Long lunches are formed at lunch time and the seats are quickly occupied.

About the power of the sun

At the BUND stand on the road of gardens and landscapes, it's not just about butterflies. Gerhard Stumpp and Ulfried Miller, among others, report on a project carried out in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, which includes the use of local nut press residues.

Why can a picking frog simply jump because the sun is shining? Visitors to the Student Research Center booth explore these fascinating questions and many more, and walk in the footsteps of the irrepressible power of the sun, without which no life is possible. Jayden looks with great curiosity at the demonstration and the information material that Marita and Rudolf Lehn as well as Heidrun Boll have brought. "It's amazing how quickly kids get to the bottom of things," observes Marita Lehn.

The Luib carpentry in Fulgenstadt focuses on wood, a natural material. "Most of our wood comes from Bad Saulgauer Stadtwald," explains Pius Luib, who does not think much about moving the building material for several kilometers. While children drive as many nails as possible into the wooden beams that they have brought, parents gather information on the latest techniques in heating, interior design and various forms of production. Energy along the road of energy. Small guests can once again look forward to the rubber trampolines that built the utilities.

The action card action should not be missed and attracts with profits. According to the specifications of the Bad Saulgau tourism company and the city's environmental office, there is again a multitude of practical activities and fun offers that bring nature-related subjects closer together.