A woman addicted to plastic surgery has spent more than £ 150,000 to transform her body

Kristen Snider, a 28-year-old computer support specialist in Virginia, has spent more than £ 150,000 on redesigning her body and plans to spend at least £ 25,000 more.

She describes herself as an addict after a plastic surgery that uses cosmetic changes to cope with the extreme self-esteem that she had when she looked at herself in the mirror.

Since Kristen was a teenager, she hated what she looked like. She often made fun of her appearance, which aggravated her self-esteem.

In March 2010, Kristen underwent her first surgery at the age of 18: breast augmentation with 550 cc implants. She cried with joy at seeing the results, which prompted her to submit to new procedures.

Since then, Kristen has performed more than 20 cosmetic procedures, including a second breast augmentation, rib ablation, two buttocks, buttock implants, three rhinoplasties (nose surgery), cheek implants, facial implants , fat removal and lip fillers.

Kristen is criticized by her family and friends for her new look, but is pleased with her appearance.

She argues that her decisions should be respected because her operations do no harm to anyone.

"I used to make fun of myself at school and it forced me to learn that I do not care what others think about me and my choices," said Kristen.

"Perfectionist, ambitious and creative is a fast way to become dependent on cosmetic surgery.

"I never liked what I saw in the mirror because I was not happy with my body, I saw a lot of things that I did not like and that I wanted to improve.

"When I was 18, I was quite small and I had a 32B bra.I wanted to have a denser breast, so I had my first breast implants, which were of 550 cc and cost £ 5,800.

"After the operation, I was so happy to have cried, that made me realize that if you're smart, what you do can really do almost anything." and achieve what you want.

"My first breast augmentation was the doorway by which I was able to catch the virus for a subsequent cosmetic surgery.Recovery was not bad and it turned out that what I wanted was possible The ideal body image that I had in my head could be obtained.

"Two years later, in June 2012, some procedures were performed to reshape my face.I had the contour of the jaw, the chin contour, the lip tightening, the nose surgery, the implants of cheek, forehead deformity and tightening eyebrows.

"My first Brazilian butt heave took place in December 2015 and I had another butt heave in December 2018, and then 500 cm 3 implants were also used.

"In January 2016, I had a second rhinoplasty, a second chin correction, a jaw correction and a fat graft on the forehead in December 2017.

"I have also had three lip increases in 2018, the three ridges removed in October 2018 and my current breast implants of 1,500 cm³ in January 2019, and I am now a 28-liter patient."

Kristen admits that she is addicted to plastic surgery.

Her happiness with the result of her procedures led her to see her body as a blank canvas open to any image that she wants to create.

She has spent over £ 150,000 for her operations up to now and does not plan to stop.

"I see the operation as a way to take a picture of myself," Kristen said. "I've always wanted extreme turns.

"In the last nine years, surgery has allowed me to express myself through my image.

"My family does not like it, because it has always been more conventional in what makes it attractive, and they fear it could kill me one day.

"I get a lot of looks from men who examine me, and sometimes from women, but when I live in Virginia, where people are very conservative, I get angry sometimes and I look away. I am used to this because my skin is very thick – you have to do it if you do this for your body.

"There are many procedures that I would like to pursue in the future.I would like a procedure to shrink ribs, implants to the hips and thighs, another breast augmentation that brings me at 2500 cm3 and a stronger facial remodeling.

"I'm constantly learning new procedures and adding them to my list, so I'm sure the list will continue to lengthen."

"We all have our own opinion of what is beautiful, we can not try to transfer our ideals to others, I also believe that if you are dissatisfied with something, you should never be satisfied with that, but you beat for a solution.

"The surgical techniques are getting better, so that almost everything can be changed, and I think we should all focus on our growth and evolution, especially accepting the choices of other peoples.

"Be nice, all that matters is happiness."