13 years old in good health catches fever, but no one suspects it: three days later, she is dead

Baxter (Australia) – Their family is devastated: the beautiful Crystal-Lee Wightley (13-year-old) from Baxter, Australia had a fever Tuesday and no one was seriously worried about her. Friday morning death Crystal Lee at home, even before her hospitalization, reports the "Daily mail".

On Facebook, Crystal-Lee's grandmother, Karyn James Wightley, posted photos of her granddaughter on her death.

His entire family has been battling the flu virus for a few weeks. The last to get sick was the 13 year old. Since all had reasonably survived the disease, no one suspected Crystal-Lee's danger when she became ill.

Although his symptoms worsened rapidly in the next 48 hours, no one did anything to save the baby. The family assumed that the teenager would survive the flu like everyone else.

A fatal mistake that was recognized too late Friday morning. Her mother, Dymanty Fulham, quickly made an appointment for a medical appointment early Friday morning, but at 6:15 am, she found her unconscious daughter in her room.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl was treated at home by paramedics convoked, but his death was pronounced shortly thereafter.

Crystal Lee Wightley (age 13) was considered a cheerful and humorous girl.

Crystal Lee Wightley (age 13) was considered a cheerful and humorous girl.

Karyn Wightley, Crystal-Lee's grandmother, published many photos and a sincere note on the day of her granddaughter's death, reminding her of the deceased.

She wrote, "It was a very sad day and I can say, heartbroken, that my 13 year old granddaughter, Crystal-Lee Wightley, went to heaven to live with the angels, my eldest granddaughter . you, when you were born and I cut your umbilical cord and that a special link was created, we shared the 18th as our birthday day. "

And further on: "… Honey, I'm broken and life will never be the same … Fly with the angels, my darling Nanny will always be missing you .. Poppy and great nanny will wait until you turn your arms you can lie down and protect you until we meet again, disappeared and always loved, I just can not stop crying, beautiful girl ♥ ♥ rips my beautiful angel ".

Already 200 Australians have died of the flu this year. The story of Crystal-Lee Wightley shows once again that it could also be helpful for young people to be vaccinated against the flu.