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Every four weeks, tampons or sanitary napkins enter the basket, the appearance of the skin deteriorates, the breasts are tense, the appetite for chocolate and other snacks grows. If the symptoms persist during the menses, everything is in the green. But this is often not the case. Many women suffer from cramps, back pain, nausea for several days and would like to stay on the bed in embryo position.

Where does the pain come from?

The drug distinguishes primary and secondary menstrual pain. Primary menstrual pain comes from cramps that occur when the uterus contracts to push back the mucous membrane. In some women, this process is very painful, not at all in others. The reason is the prostaglandin hormone. During menstruation, its concentration in the body increases and causes a much more intense pain. That the pain appears and at what intensity depends entirely on the amount of hormone produced by the body and the sensitivity of a woman to this reaction. Stress and other mental pressures are also believed to promote pain. Primary menstrual pain usually occurs at first menses and disappears with age, in a woman earlier, in the other only with menopause. The pain can be very uncomfortable, but rarely so intense that women can no longer cope with everyday life.

Secondary menstrual pain is often more severe and can radiate throughout the body. They usually happen from 20 to the first time. The cause is often caused by gynecological diseases such as cysts, inflammation or endometriosis. In the latter case, the uterine lining is also deposited outside the uterine cavity, z. On the ovaries or between the uterus and the rectum. Here, complaints are often so serious that women are unable for days to continue their daily lives.

In case of secondary pain during periods and when the pain is very intense and / or only after a few years, a gynecologist must always be consulted, in this case medical treatment is necessary. In case of painful menstrual pain that usually occurs in the menstrual period, you can relieve your pain in many ways.

1st sport

Even if you feel uncomfortable and prefer to stay in bed, sports can relieve your menstrual pain. No matter what sport you do, do what you want to do. A jog or a yoga aid and a freestyle belly dance to your favorite song in the bathroom. With exercise, the body receives more blood and fights menstrual pain. Dr. Christian Albring, President of the Professional Association of Gynecologists, also advises: "Relaxation techniques can relieve spasmodic pain and change the direction of pain." Good to learn, for example, is progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson. "

2. heat

If you are looking for more relaxation and tranquility, a bottle of hot water will definitely help you. The heat promotes blood circulation in your uterus and thus relieves cramps.

3. analgesics

In everyday life, however, often lacks time to play sports or relax. Plunging into regular pain at school or at work is simply boring: "If the pain is intense, painkillers or antispasmodic drugs can also be used," advises Albring. Which drug is the best help is very individual. Let yourself better advise in pharmacy or at the gynecologist.

4. Sex or masturbation

Orgasms have a very positive influence on your menstrual pain. Here, the uterus is abundantly supplied with blood, which has an antispasmodic effect on your body. Plus, the release of happiness hormones has a big effect on your physical well-being. If you have a problem with sex during this time, you can easily lend a hand.

5. healthy eating

A healthy diet and therefore a sufficient intake of important vitamins and minerals is essential in all areas of life, but it prevents or relieves menstrual pains. The muscles, which cramp during the menses, need enough nutrients, otherwise the pain is favored. But here you do not need to resort to supplements and other nutritional supplements: a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is enough.

6. avoid stress

"The psyche plays a role in the development of pain – for example, stress and worry can cause or increase discomfort." In addition, the automatic wait for pain can sometimes cause pain. menstrual cramps, for example when the big sister, girlfriend or mother reports pain in the menstrual cycle, "says Dr. Christian Albring.

7. Waiting and drinking tea

Tea is a valuable aid against menstrual pain. Chamomile tea has a positive influence on the body.

8. Acupressure

Stitches for menstrual pain? Do not worry, acupressure has nothing to do with acupuncture pieksigen. It's about putting pressure on some pain points with your hands. Many women feel that during their periods, especially in the lower back, they relax, in fact just above the bottom, where some people have two dimples. You can push these points yourself, but it's even more enjoyable if you lie on your stomach and another person massages the area.

9. Rethinking contraceptives

Some methods of contraception can affect the rules themselves, but also menstrual pain. For a spiral of copper z. For example, symptoms can sometimes increase. In some women, the pill helps to get rid of severe menstrual pain. Talk to your gynecologist.

10. Create social acceptance

While this does not help to combat the symptoms of menstrual pain, it can help women understand their monthly pain better. Because regular pain is not bad enough, it is still taboo. Report a disease to colleagues because of abdominal pain? Openly talk about cramps? For many women, even today, quite uncomfortable and unthinkable. The subject of menstruation should become as natural as talking about hay fever or migraine. After all, this period is an entirely natural process, with about half of the world's population bleeding from the vagina during its lifetime. Dare to discuss the subject openly.


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