Use of Endless Pesticides: Alliance 90 / The Greens of the Bundestag

Despite species extinctions, intoxications in our fields continue to be immense: a single apple is sprayed with pesticides more than 20 times, a potato up to 10 times. Insecticides are sprayed on 100% of rape fields, including harmful agents for bees but also for human health. This stems from a federal government response to a written question from the leader of the Green Parliament, Anton Hofreiter.

The federal government does nothing

The figures show once again: despite all the assurances and agreements contained in the coalition agreement, the federal government is doing nothing to control the large-scale use of pesticides and the associated extinction of # 39; species. Instead, the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture are stuck in announced projects such as the release of glyphosate and the program of action for the protection of insects.

Chemically synthetic pesticides destroy everything

The use of synthetic chemical pesticides is one of the main factors of decline of species in the agricultural landscape. In Germany, 50% more pesticides are used compared to 1995 – although the active ingredients become more and more toxic. The Ackergiftes do not only encounter the living beings against which they are used. They destroy wild grasses and insects. In the absence of insects, many other species lack the nutritional basis.

Reduction plan for green pesticides

But we stick to that: sustainable agriculture is different. We urge the federal government to reduce the use of pesticides by 40% within four years. Glyphosate and bee killers are finally banned. Instead, we want to focus our energies on finding alternatives and improving the approval process. Studies have shown that agriculture can use up to 60% fewer pesticides without the harvest being smaller. And for years, organic farming shows that cultivation is possible without any chemical synthesis pesticide. For us, it's the way to the future

Green application to reduce pesticides