This is the last picture of a father with his son

Karratha (Australia) – Here are scenes you never really want to capture on a photo: A picture of Australia shows a father and his son. This is the last joint picture of the two.

Little Elijah was only two years old.

Dave Huynh and his wife Rebecca cry for their son Elijah. The little boy was only two years old.

After spreading "wildfires" similar to the flu in the area, the boy was taken to the hospital. The doctors fought for the sweet child's life. Now, Elijah is dead in the arms of his parents.

"You were and are the love of our lives," begins Father Dave's heartbreaking post on Facebook. "We could not thank you enough for making us the happiest parents in the world."

In addition, the Australian has published a photo of himself and little Elijah. You can see the two-year-old boy with his eyes closed, pipes that keep him alive out of his nose and mouth. Beside him, his mourning father is nestled against his dying child.

The photo is kept in black and white. Although the story behind this is so sad, you can feel the love that prevailed at that time.

"If only I could go back in time, you do not deserve all that," says Dave, devastated. The last few months have been a "constant nightmare" for him.

The death of his child was a total surprise: "Having to say goodbye so fast does not feel really good," writes the Australian, who still has a little girl. "Mom and Daddy love unconditionally, fly away and spread your beautiful wings."