The 6 best weight loss exercises in bodybuilding

Anyone who wants to lose weight and develop their muscles at the same time can not avoid the usual weight training.

"Composite exercises" are particularly effective. This is what we call combined exercises, which involve several muscle groups at a time.

As more muscles work, these exercises also burn more calories and also contribute to more post-burn after training.

Save time with combined movements

The obvious benefit of combined movements is that we do not have to spend hours training at the gym, but gaining a lot of time for their efficiency, says Eric Bowling, NASM certified trainer. , at Ultimate Performance, instead of "Popsugar".

But he also warns: "Combined movements can be a double-edged sword, and since many muscle groups are energized at the same time, the risk of injury is greater if these movements are not performed properly. a coach to make sure you have the Execute exercises properly. "

6 compound exercises with fat burning effect

s & # 39; squat

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Squats are one of the most recommended bodybuilding exercises for weight loss. Exercised with weights, squats train the muscles of the lower body as well as some back muscles and abdomen, which must be used as support.

Start squats with tools such as a chair or an exercise ball – its functioning, shows Kayla Itsines in this workout video.

If the simple shape is good, you can add dumbbells, kettlebells or a dumbbell. A great variation of entry-level are the Goblet Squats.

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