Study on the sunscreen: Swabians burned by the sun – Baden-Wuerttemberg

Schwabe or Badner? It is recognizable by the tattoo of the sunburn. Photo: dpa

He knows neither Baden nor Swabia, but only Baden-Wuerttemberg, said Minister President Winfried Kretschmann. S & # 0; he is not wrong. Even with the consumption of sunscreen, a crack crosses the country.

Stuttgart – avarice is a trait that would make a real Swabian blush. In this case, however, it could be different. It threatens massive sunburns with redness, blisters and itching. And simply because Swabia is economical with peeling. This suggests at least the study that the market research firm Nielsen has now presented. As a result, the frugal Swabians spent less sunscreen during the sunscreen season between May 2018 and April 2019 than the northern inhabitants much colder. Yes, Württemberg is national, even downstairs, says Nielsen.

Expensive red instead of brown?

However, Germany does not seem to be the country where tanning is flowing. In the past year, despite a long and hot summer, despite warnings about skin cancer and climate change, consumption has decreased by 1.7%. Only 58 million tubes, sprays or flasks are passed over the counters. This has resulted in an average of 0.7 sunscreen for every German citizen. On the beaches of Neckar, people were even naughtier. In the metropolitan area of ​​Stuttgart, not even half a pack of sunscreen, after-sun or self-tanning per capita has been sold. It is unclear why solar products in Schwäbischen pharmacies have a dark existence. Is Swabia red rather than brown? Is he so capricious that he is constantly sitting in the office and does not have time to sunbathe?

Spoiled by the sun

However, it is clear that even in this area, a deep fracture crosses the country. At the other end of the Nielsen ladder, of course, there are sunny inhabitants of Baden. Enrico Krien, cosmetics expert at Nielsen, said consumers in the Friborg area were the most likely to use sun creams. Apparently, people believe what the winegrowers of Baden have repeated over and over again as a slogan: bathing is ruined by the sun. Swiss meteorological expert Jörg Kachelmann has long since revealed this as false news. On average over the long term, the Württemberg enjoys an additional annual sunshine of four hours. As far as sun creams are concerned, Badeners do not need to apply it as thickly.