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Summer, sun, fun and games. The most important thing for KiBü the central Bavarian Sunday in the Keldorado in five points

By Elfi Bachmeier-Fausten

July 05, 2019

3:37 p.m.

Mermaid in the Keldorado – Children can try swimming with a fish fin at KiBü on Sundays. Photo: Weigert

Kelheim.The boss, traditionally responsible for the good weather, has become
pretty well done. Meteorologists say temperatures for Sunday of KiBü
about 25 degrees Celsius before. Also one or the other cloud. This is not it
the worst for an event like the Children's Citizens Festival. Ideal party time
to the top. But also weather swimsuit. The swimsuit and sunscreen are therefore part of the KiBü basic equipment
for each family, as well as a cap and clothes that protect against too much sun. for
On Sunday 7 July, the Kelheim region is expected to have a pleasant weather with
about 25 degrees Celsius, the sun, but also the clouds. There are children and adults
like to be outside. To celebrate the weather is probably ideal. Parents should go to the party
for their offspring on all cases sunscreen – caps, hats, shawls and sunscreen
– take with you. And do not forget to bring the swimsuit. Because Sunday in the
Keldordo be bathed for free. There are not only several pools, but also
a nice slide. Slide games make the hearts of all children beat faster. Because
KiBü-Sunday is of course free to enter the Keldorado.

Diverse program awaits KiBü visitors

The entrance to the KiBü site in Keldorado is at 10:45 at the entrance of the car park
on the east side (in front of the triple gym). From 9 am the bath opens in Rennweg
with free admission for all. Traditionally, KiBü starts with a family service
on the festival grounds. It will be at 11 am Reinhard Röhrner, parish priest of Kelheim
celebrate. Then Mayor Horst Hartmann, the godfather, opens the Children's Citizens Festival.
Until 5 pm, he goes on strike on the stage, in the Spectaculum clown theater and
throughout the festival area. At 14:30, the children of the pool can enjoy the mermaid bathing

The program of the stage: dance demonstration at 12h from the Expressia dance school, concert at 12:25
Riedenburg youth group, 12h55, "Funky Stepz" dance performance by SC Mitterfecking,
1:15 pm Demonstration of dance and karate at Budo Academy Health + Fitness Fitness Center, 1:45 pm
Concert of the Domspatzen elementary school choir at 14:10, KiBü's big raffle
Central Bavarian, 14:35, English Ballet School Tanzvorführung of the English, 15h05
Viel-Harmonie Concert in Lower Altmühltal, 15h35 Tanzvorführung Deutsch
Ballet School, 16:05 dance demonstration of the Russian Cultural Association, 16:30 dance demonstration
of the Latin Dance Team.

Stephan Zenger will keep his youth in good spirits with his theater of clowns. Photo: Weigert "data-breakpoints =" 400-460x276 "src ="
Stephan Zenger will keep his youth in good spirits with his theater of clowns.
Photo: Weigert

Spectaculum Clowntheater: magical show of a thousand and one surprises with
Magic Clown Fabellini, 1:30 pm "A stroke of luck with the Korbtheater Ali
Büttner, 2.30 pm "A bag full of surprises to get married and have fun"
Magic Theater Fabellini, 15:30 "The little dragon goes out" Korbtheater Ali
Büttner, 4:30 pm "Enthusiastic Zooparade" – Phantasia Theater; it will be at the end
give colorful balloon animals.

How to get to the KiBü site

  • bus:

    Visitors can also take public transport to get to KiBü Kelheim on Sundays
    coming from, for example, the Saaler station or the large Riedenburg car park
    out. On Sunday, the three leisure bus lines run, there are here every
    on the Wöhrdplatz, possibility of transfer to continue to stop Starenstraße.

  • Car park:

    On the festival site are the regular Keldorado car parks. In addition,
    Parking at the Netto market at the roundabout and not far from the company car park
    Heidrive available.

KiBü – a very successful event

On 7 July 1996, in Regensburg, the first citizen party of the children of the Mittelbayerischen
in place. It was invented by Martin Wunnike, chairman of the management of Mittelbayerische
Editor. "Almost exactly 20 years ago, the first citizens' children's party was held in the district
Kelheim instead, "says Manfred Forster, editor-in-chief of Central Bavarian in
Kelheim. At present, there were 15 citizens' parties organized with more than 180,000 visitors to the country.
Kelheim District, including eight in the city of Kelheim. "Almost exactly ten years ago,
July 26, 2009, we visited the Keldorado for the first time and are this year
for the seventh time, "says Forster, in a KiBü class, children always play
main role. Not only as a visitor, but also as actors on stage or as a
Young traders at the flea market for children. For an exciting day with fun games
and entertainment among other clubs, organizations, sponsors and
Mittelbayerische. The entrance to KiBü is free for all. Also parents, brothers and sisters
and the other family members and other interested parties are the 93rd KiBü of Central Bavaria
Welcome Sunday. The entrance to the KiBü site in Keldorado is at 10:45.
at the parking entrance on the east side (in front of the triple gym).

From 9 am, the bath opens at the Rennweg and is free for all. The KiBü
is always a magnet. This illustrates the number of nearly two million visitors
since 1996. Thousands are also expected on July 7th and are open from 11am to 5pm.
celebrate. KiBü is always a magnet. This illustrates the number of nearly two million
Visitors since 1996.

The Keldorado terrain is the ideal place

Four outdoor pools – splash, non-swimmers, swimmers, hot tubs – well
the pool in the indoor pool, including the 88-meter long slide and a very well maintained
The land awaits visitors. The entire Keldorado team, including eight lifeguards,
is in action on Sunday. Stand on the area of ​​18, 000 square meters
also 84 trees that provide shade. By the way, there is also a so-called
spice bread tree. If, on the contrary, Sunday, we expect an increase in the storm, this pulls
KiBü in the triple gym, right next to the Keldorado. Ideally come
KiBü visitors on foot or by bike. Because the number of parking spaces around
around the festival area is limited.

KiBü still offers a lot of fun in 2019.

The public transport bus lines stop near the Keldorado in Starenstraße. Chairs and loungers
are available, but visitors can also bring blankets to sit down. All that
For example, you can live a relaxing day without a car
the Donaudamm hike to the Children's Day. Even with bicycles is the place
Easily accessible from the area by bike paths, as well as by buses that stop at the bus stop
in Starenstraße, not too far from the event area.

Also, the physical well is the day of the holiday not too short

Of course, if you play a lot and sweat, you must also eat and drink. On the offer
do not miss the KiBü either. Food is available in clubs and businesses
family friendly price. There is a grill station on the KiBü menu
but also fish, fries, hamburgers, pizza slices, finger noodles, crepes, cotton candy
as well as coffee and cakes. There are stands in the field where there are drinks, for example
Juice, give.

Here you will find all the information on children's parties organized for children!

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