If there are problems in paradise – start on vacation

lps / hg. The beautiful light that comes with the sun is for some with extra caution to enjoy. Especially on vacation, when you indulge in the sun more intensely, it is important to act. Anyone who has already determined that their pores get clogged quickly and that pimples tend to multiply go to the pharmacy and get a sunscreen that does not clog pores and thus avoids impurities.

The technical term is called non-comedogenic and refers to a very low fat content of the cream. As UV radiation, called ultraviolet light, promotes skin imperfections, which even allows you to limit one of the factors. The combination of UV and imperfections, which occurs preferably on beach holidays in the sun, is called "Majorcan acne". A classic allergy to the sun, however, is vesicles, pimples, inflammation or swelling. This is often due to drug deposits or additives in the sunscreen, such as preservatives and dyes, in the context of solar radiation. To rule out as many contingencies, sunscreen for allergy sufferers is therefore recommended. Even after a sunbath, the skin wants to be neat. The products must be adapted to the needs of sensitive skin. To slowly get used to the skin to more intense radiation, one can take beta-carotene, which causes an orange hue.

To help you eat yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables, or to drink the corresponding juices. The skin is therefore not "unpleasantly touched" by the sun and you can do what you have planned for the holidays – enjoy!