Hospital: Indigne – Reader Comments – Nordbayerischer Kurier

Some say and have identified the culprit. The head of the clinic, Joachim Haun. In each series, there are only the bad guys. And there are also the good ones: the supervisory board and other committees with politicians and doctors who are always on the side of the patients and who have an overview. Regarding the script. Now the reality.

In fact, at present, there is not much in the hospital. The money is ready in Munich, but no excavator for the first expensive conversion of 85 million euros and the enlargement is running. Is Haun alone to blame? If doctors had agreed in the past, that it was a children's clinic or new operating rooms, the excavators might be there for a long time.

Then the red numbers, 15 million euros of loss are rumored. But those who prevent the house from falling into the abyss are silent: the loss is much less important, about five million, and there is still a lot of money in the clinic's account, mainly for remodeling. And if a savings account at this altitude makes sense or it's not better to invest some of it, you can talk about it soberly.

And the investigations in the house? Are after an announcement in a pre-investigation phase. Whether – uncertain. But it's in a good mood.

The medical campus: this year, the first 50 students will start in Erlangen. They will come to Bayreuth for training in two years. So, here too, something more than that goes on the outside. In addition, not one of the Bayreuth Clinic is sitting at the negotiating table.

So exciting what's going on behind the scenes. But unfortunately also unworthy. This is what shows Haun's tentative premature last week. This could be successful in two weeks, then there would be a business ready, which puts a general manager.

If this interim solution provides the necessary Wums on the red hill? For clear and fast structural and personal decisions? For peace in the house itself? Doubtful. And all without offers? If you are looking for quick solutions, you will not always find the cleanest solution and make yourself vulnerable.

In spite of all this, one question remains unanswered: what did the supervisory board actually do during all those years of stagnation and so-called decline? He is the supreme organ of the government. One expects him to drive and lead. What is missing? Assertiveness, competence or will?

A good thing to the situation. It is high time to think about the appointment of this council. Another season of the hospital series on the hospital would be even more outrageous.