Fitness: Here's how Alternative Therapy Works in Tension and Pain

The bottling has been used for more than 3,000 years as a method of treating tension. Learn here how the procedure works and if it really works.

Suckers have been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine. In Europe too, therapy is becoming more and more popular. When using suction cups, we use small spherical glasses of a diameter of three to six centimeters, called cupping.

At one end, there is a round opening. In a cupping treatment, this is applied to the skin, usually on the back or arms and legs. By heating or evacuating the air inside, a negative pressure is generated in the glass. This ensures that the skin is sucked into the cup, which the Stimulate the blood circulation should. Normally, such a session does not last more than 15 minutes.

That's how it works

In suction cups, spherical lenses create a negative pressure on the skin. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pusteblume0815)

The pain is rare in cupping. In a medical de-icing treatment, the doctor thoroughly cleans the body before putting it in a suction cup. voltage and examine the muscular changes. In traditional Chinese medicine is also often on acupuncturePoints scored.

The purpose of cupping: release the tension and muscle aches relieve. There are different methods to help fight against various ailments. It is well known that professional athletes like swimmer Michael Phelps like to be peeled.

Various cupping techniques

With special pumps, the vacuum in the suction cups is produced during the evacuation.
With special pumps, the vacuum in the suction cups is produced during the evacuation. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / massagenerds)

In total, there are three known cupping methods:

  • Bloody cupping: Before sucking, the skin is disinfected and scraped with a thin needle. After putting the suction cups, blood is drawn into the glasses. This form of sucker takes a maximum of 15 minutes. On one side, it should absorb the pollutants of the body, and so on the other detox help. In addition, the bloody dripping allows the blood and the lymph to better cross the body.
  • Dry suction cups: Dry suckers do not scratch the skin. Here, the glasses are placed directly on the areas solicited. Due to the resulting vacuum, the skin is sucked back here and the bloodstream, which is too much bruising, Redness and swelling can drive. At the same time, the tired skin warms up.
  • drawing: In cupping massage, the dry suction pad is slightly modified. The skin is here first with different massage oils oil. Then, the doctor or alternative practitioner moves the suction cups on the skin. This variant is meant to relax the muscles even better than a conventional one back massage,

Warning: If you want to do the formatting yourself, you should always use only the dry formatting method. For the other variants, the best is to go to the expert.

Effect and applications of suction cups

Suction cups, for example, can relieve neck and shoulder pain.
Suction cups, for example, can relieve neck and shoulder pain. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / white session)

The tasting is intended to relieve many diseases. The stronger blood circulation of the skin ensures relaxation of muscle tension. But just taking a cup is not enough for the treatment of pain. However, for the following diseases, the method should be able to help:

Cupping is also used for digestive problems, lumbago, Nervous pain, hypertension and asthma. However, how and if the method works for these diseases must be proven in subsequent scientific studies. It is best to discuss with your doctor in advance if a cupping treatment is right for you.

Cupping: side effects and risks

As a general rule, you should not worry too much about the side effects of cupping. In addition to the bruising resulting from the treatment, there are very few undesirable side effects.

Especially with bloody suckers, you should be especially important hygiene place. Healing the skin can otherwise quickly lead to infections. Make sure your doctor thoroughly disinfects your skin and needle beforehand.

In some cases, you should do without preventive suction cups:

  • at low blood pressure
  • if you are taking blood thinners
  • in case of disturbances wound healing and blood clotting
  • if your skin is inflamed and injured
  • in allergic skin reactions
  • during pregnancy

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