Durable and non-plastic alternatives for your dental care

05.07.2019 I An article by Annalena Bruse-Smith I Photo: pixabay

In the bathroom, not only shampoo, shower gel and razor contribute to the plethora of plastic discarded every year, but also to our dental products. Every few weeks, we throw our toothbrush, our toothpaste must be replaced again and our dental floss is also found in the trash bin by the meter. But that is not necessarily the case today, because many alternatives can make your dental routine more sustainable. Here we present the best sustainable alternatives for sustainable and plastic-free dental care.


Let's start with the most important utensil of our dental care – the toothbrush. Unfortunately, not only the handle but also the bristles are plastic and, as we use them two to three times a day, they are often removed after a short period of use.

An excellent alternative to the traditional toothbrush is a model of the SWAK brand. The handle of the toothbrush is composed of a compostable wood fiber injection molding compound and a head, from the Arab world, named Miswak wood, considered an effective toothpaste. Miswak's head lasts a little longer than plastic hair and usually needs to be replaced after four to eight weeks. The Miswakköpfchen can be bought without the handle and therefore also here on the saved material.


Then we will focus on the toothpaste because it usually only involves a plastic tube in the bathroom. There are actually several alternatives that you should try just to see what is best for your own dental routine.

The georgranic toothpaste is sold in a pot with a tinplate lid, including a bamboo spatula. The paste is based on activated carbon, which develops a cleaning foam when brushing teeth. The taste is compared to a classic toothpaste, according to the manufacturer, slightly more smoked and perhaps reminiscent of one or the other whiskey. Incidentally, toothpaste is made in the UK, but in Germany, for example. available at monomeer, among others.

If the idea of ​​taste does not necessarily inspire you, you can also try the dentabs as an alternative. They are for example at the pharmacy dm or online in najoba. The tabs are first chewed in the mouth, then brushed as usual, the teeth.


Flossing, which is not packed in a plastic box, is available from Vömel. Natural silk covered with bee wax is available in a glass bottle of a length of 10 meters or in refill in paper bags monomers.

From the manufacturer Bambusliebe, the glass bottle alternately contains vegan thread. This 30 meter long roll is made from corn silk and covered with dandelion wax, made from a plant from Latin America. Bambusliebe silk, you will find, for example. to lawyer.


Finding a mouthwash that is not sold in a large plastic bottle is not so easy. But even for this stage of your dental care, there are more and more alternatives. Mouthwash tablets are also available at georganic. The use is quite simple: you dissolve 1 to 2 tablets in about 20 ml of water and use the liquid as a classic mouthwash.

Georganic's mouthwash tablets are also PETA certified because they are vegan and non-animal. In addition, they are gluten-free, fluoride-free, glycerol and sodium lauryl sulphate. What is particularly interesting is that all the ingredients come from organic farming.

The tablets are also produced in the UK and are exactly like toothpaste but in Germany, for example. available from monomeer.

Dental care on the move

Finally, we will tip you for trips. You may not always have all the necessary tools for dental care or, in the worst case, running water, such as hiking, camping or a festival.

The solution in such situations does not need to be treated or packaged, it is called licorice. This type of wood is particularly useful for dental care because it has a remineralizing effect, just like the Miswak. To clean your teeth, just peck a small piece of licorice. The only attraction, and perhaps not for everyone, is the pronounced taste for liquorice. The cleaning wood you get in the health food store or also at monomeer.

Our conclusion

In order to avoid plastic waste in dental care, there are certainly durable and plastic-free alternatives. The only drawback is probably that products are often not available in the store and usually have to be ordered over the Internet.

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