Dispatch to the admission test for JKU medical studies

LINZ. On Friday, July 5th, more than 1,000 people came for an admission test to the JKU's medical studies. Only 180 candidates are retained. As an alternative to medical studies, there is now a new program of medical engineering studies – without access restrictions.

The process of selecting medical students is difficult – many more students come to Austria for tests that there are places available. In Linz, 1,316 interested parties registered to be admitted to medical school in 2019, 1,056 have actually appeared for the test. 180 are saved.

New study on medical technology

Many young people who do not find a place in human medicine are highly motivated and talented. "We therefore offer an alternative without access restrictions.Medicine is much more than becoming a doctor, on the contrary, medical technology is an area that is developing incredibly dynamically," said JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas. Therefore, the JKU also offers the study of medical engineering starting in the autumn. Technological competence and the medical foundations of man enter here into a symbiosis. This involves the application of principles of engineering in the field of medicine.

"Cure through the engineering of Linz"

"Medicine is no longer limited to the medical profession," says Lukas. "The rapid development of medical technology is creating accents and giving physicians the modern tools that have made possible the tremendous advances in therapies and treatment methods of recent years – be it oncology, psychotherapy or any other field of medicine. " The motto "Cure through the Linz Engineering Art" should therefore be used to promote and support the detection, prevention, surveillance, treatment or reduction of diseases with the help of Technical approaches.

Eligible courses

In addition, completed medical courses are credited in human medicine studies – this makes the new study even more interesting for all those who today do not want to get a place for medical studies and wish to participate again in the competition next year. "Thanks to its high technological concentration, the JKU is predestined to play a pioneering role in this field," says Lukas.