Cheryl was considered irresponsible when she revealed extreme weight loss measures

CHERYL had to deal with a backlash after exposing the extreme measures of weight loss.

The singer and former X-Factor judge was deemed "irresponsible" by nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert after exposing the extreme weight loss measures she had taken after the birth of her son Bear.

Cheryl, formerly Cheryl Cole, said she wanted to get back in shape when she would resume her pop career.

And to do that, Liam Paynes said that she had tried crazy diets and workouts.

Cheryl, 35, revealed the secret of her weight loss to Dermot O 'Leary last week on her show on Radio 2.

"It would be nice to see more responsibilities"

Rhiannon Lambert

The former star of Girls Aloud said that she had tried various workouts.

However, it is his regime that has the most eyebrow.

Cheryl told Dermot: "Someone has said that I should follow this guy on Instagram, he has so many references – he calls Medical Medium – and he means you should drink a pint of celery juice on an empty stomach tomorrow, before you have anything else and it heals your organs. "

Dermot then asked Cheryl if she had ever tried delusional diet techniques, such as dropping hot lemon and chili water in the morning.

The star added: "Or apple cider vinegar … Oh my god, coffee – please, coffee.

"For me, it's a consequence, I did things once or twice and I forgot them.You have to do it for a few months before seeing any results."

When we talked about Cheryl's comments, nutritionist Rhiannon told us exclusively that it would be nice if Geordie's daughter was "more responsible" for losing weight.

She commented: "As a registered nutritionist who spends her life building healthy relationships with food, it is extremely disheartening to see a reputable person talking about diets.

"It would be nice to see more responsibilities before discussing individual eating habits in the media, perhaps an awareness of how this will affect future generations."

Rhiannon, who disagreed with Cheryl's weight loss measure for celery juice, added, "Weight loss is energy compared to energy compared to the quality of diet. Celery juice contains mostly water and is therefore not responsible for fat loss.

"When it comes to losing body fat, not just losing weight, it is more likely that you avoid it over a long time and in your lifestyle.

"The majority of dieters who embark on these diets regain weight and others more quickly."

You can follow Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Nutritionist, founder of Rhitrition, on Instagram at @rhitrition.