CBB star John McCririck said that he had nothing to live by for his last appearance on television

JOHN McCririck predicted that he would never recover from the shock illness that had shaken his health last year.

The death of the racing expert shocked his fans after his family announced the news this morning.

Old Star Big Brother John McCririck died at the age of 79, just months after his last appearance on television.

Already last October, John worried about fans after going to This Morning Sofa to talk about his depression.

In the shocking clip, he reveals how he thinks this has resulted in his illness and an extreme weight loss of three stones.

"You lose the meaning of life"

John McCririck

During the show, he revealed how he started losing weight after losing his job in 2012 and losing his "purpose in life".

"Since I was fired from Channel 4 in 2012, you feel depressed when you stop working and you lose the sense of your intentions."

He told the audience, "Do not retire."

When he talked about his weight loss, he continued, "I was over 19. Always remember that you will never see old men fat."

John has also attributed his weight loss to his fight against a terrible flu. He told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, "I'm better.

"I could not talk for about three months, it was really awful, you become weaker and you take antibiotics."

John became ill in January 2018 and was still recovering when he appeared at the ITV showroom at the end of last year.

McCririck's family announced today in a statement that she had died: "The award-winning journalist, host and presenter of British horse racing, John McCririck, passed away on Friday, July 5th at the age of 79 years in a London hospital. "

The legendary presenter began his career in 1981 at ITV The Shergar derby became a household name on the Channel 4 Racing team when they began reporting on the sport in 1984.

He also starred in Celebrity Big Brother, Question Time, the weakest link and the exchange of celebrities.