Calw: Mobile in the fight against breast cancer – Calw

Treat gently

"Only about three percent of women surveyed receive this second invitation," Krainick-Strobel calm. And even with the vast majority of these patients, the doctor can finally give the green light. Of the three percent at the end, only eighths have cancer. "In addition, over the years, it has been shown that the found nodes become smaller and smaller," said Krainick-Strobel. Because: Women go more regularly as a precaution. "Breast cancer can not be prevented," says Krainick-Strobel. But with the survey was the chance to find him small, better given and then be able to treat gently. "On 1000 exams, we find six cancers."

Mammography screening is a symptom-free examination for pure prevention, says the doctor. However, if a woman has symptoms, she should immediately consult a gynecologist. "Even if the last projection was not so long," Majer adds.

Overall, the survey conducted in Mammobil, County Calw, involves approximately 6,300 women. "We hope for a good participation," said Krainick-Strobel. Experience shows that even more women are following the invitation to a mobile X-ray unit than if they are invited to a "classic" practice. "75 to 80 percent of all guests come to Mammobil, if not 50 percent," says Majer.

"We hope that women will find the perfect location on the Brühl – and we are also delighted with the returns," said Krainick-Strobel. "Our team can not wait to be in Calw".

A special function is still available for women from Simmozheim, Ostelsheim and Gechingen. In the future, they will be invited to do a screening in the radiology cabinet Hofbauer / Danz / Fischer in Sindelfingen.

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