Because of the heat wave: in Switzerland, cash registers were ringing

The big heat wave seems over for now. Intermediate conclusion of the summer: While Switzerland was sweating, many stores did a great job. Not only were ices and sunscreens in demand.

While the sun shines ruthlessly on the concrete exterior forecourt, customers of the Spar Express in Horgen ZH queue up throughout the store. In swimsuit, flip-flops and sunglasses, they could also be on vacation at the beach. But people still want to make their last purchases before going to bed a few meters away on the shores of Lake Zurich.

The photo has been repeated almost daily over the past two weeks. With the heat wave, visitors were washed in the small shop of Seestrasse. This brought the operation to its limits. "It runs at full speed, it takes the full commitment of every individual," says market leader Anna Wilhelm (60), she certainly does not want to complain. "It may want to continue like this."

Even with cigars, people have attacked

During the race, sometimes the ice cream freezer was emptied or the bags of ice were sold. But not only that which cooled, was the best seller. At temperatures above 35 degrees, many customers also seemed to want to create a Caribbean atmosphere elsewhere: "Cuban cigars were also consulted, confirmed Wilhelm. The cellar in the shop had to fill the team several times.

Not only in the small branches that buzz activity during the hot days of the country. "Whether it's ice cream, barbecue products, drinks or sunscreens, we clearly feel the high demand," said Mathias Kaufmann, spokesperson for Lidl Switzerland. This challenges even the retailer currently. "At the moment, special trips are needed so that the goods are always available in the shops," confirms Kaufmann.

To conclude, it is still too early. But at least in terms of ice sales figures, Lidl reveals: "Compared to last week, we were able to double our ice cream sales this week." And compared to spring, six times more ice cream is currently sold.

"We were almost invaded"

Philipp Penelas is one of those who does not lack work. Aged 37, he is managing director of the Badi bistro in Baden AG. From his Beiz, he has the overview of all the Badi on the Limmat. More than 3,500 guests are counted here on good days. Then there is no time for relaxation for Penelas. "We have sometimes been almost overwhelmed," he said about the operation during the heat of recent weeks.

Penelas has been doing Badi work for five years. He is happy that summer has arrived at his pace. "All May and half of June were ugly, but the heat wave saved our business!"

Chicken nuggets are always going

Despite the high temperatures, there remains at the bistro of Penelas an old classic Badi bestseller. "In addition to hot dogs, we mainly sell chicken nuggets with potato chips, it always seems to work," Penelas laughs.

For the next few days, weather conditions and variable rainfall are forecast for the first time in a long time. Totally embarrassing, Penelas does not come. "So, after all these changes, I can give the team time to relax." Because Penelas is hoping for a long summer – and a good deal.