Attract fireflies – with these 4 tips klappts – live

The poison snails and fertilizers, but also the lack of darkness grow more and more fireflies out of our gardens. Meanwhile, the luminous beetles are only rarely invited.

A spectacular development, as fireflies can not be moved and barely reproduce. You can only observe and promote them where they are already happening. With these four tips, you can make sure that the fascinating insects stay in your garden and may multiply again:

1. Abandonment of chemicals

Fireflies are also susceptible to pesticides, which are known to kill not only parasites. The use of snail venom strikes them again, as fireflies spend most of their lives as larvae – hence the "worm" in the name. They feed on snails, which kills them with a poison bite.

2. Reduce artificial light

Larvae become memorable fireflies only during their last life cycle. This is purely for mating and is so short that they do not even have word of mouth for eating food in their beetle form. Blinking and shine help insects to find a suitable mating partner. But it is not bright enough to surpass the sun or even the lamps. In the dark, it flirts better.

3. Do not discard the cuts immediately

The female fireflies lay in their branches shortly before their own death. The cuts should not always be eliminated completely. A group of twigs and branches that are not moved is ideal for animals. This can sometimes be hidden in a remote corner of the garden, the animals do not care.

4. Create a variety

An English lawn in the garden is also too monotonous as habitat for fireflies. In a small space, you need a varied environment of plants of all sizes and shapes, where alternate sunny and shady places, as written the "Basler Zeitung". Outside of gardens, they find such habitats in ditches, hedges and streams overgrown, but they disappear as quickly.

How the glow of fireflies is possible and when you can better observe the animals, you will learn in the video above.

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