Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are not allowed (gallery): robbers in the paradise of roses

dima Wilnsdorf. Bobby James climbs to the top of the old cherry tree, eight meters high. You do not have to worry about it and give up, Bobby can not fall. With thick tendrils under the armpits, the spiked monster winds around the tree. The Sleeping Beauty would probably have had to keep dreaming, because whoever gets married to Bobby James seems to be fighting with leopards.

Mr. James is a Rambler

Logic: Mr. James is a climbing rose, strictly speaking a Rambler climbing with particularly flexible and elastic shoots. It is also a rustic beauty and a classic in the climbing garden of roses. Although he is a real eye-catcher, he must first stay in Marion Schneider's rose garden. In a particularly long series of fragrant beauties. For today, Prince Frederick is particularly handsome. Ghislaine's small fireworks heads are a floral promise – and Brigand Knight, also a variety of roses, is still in great form even in early July. Marion Schneider is enthusiastic in presenting the spiky stars along the narrow alleyways: Apple Blossom, Ghislaine de Feligonde, Uetersen Rosarium, Napoleon's Hat, Centifolia Violets with Double Flowers, American Pillar, Maria Lisa and Brenda Colvin, The Varieties sometimes very old roses were baptized once by their breeders.

More than 350 roses

Of course, it is only a small selection, because in the garden of Marion Schneider, there are no less than 350 roses. At the end of May, the season begins around the house of the Wilnsdorfer family. In mid-June, we reach its peak. "In the morning, at 6 o'clock, it's the best time," says Marion Schneider. The rising sun bathes its paradise of roses in a beautiful light and you can start the day with a cloud of rose scent.

In the Siegerland: peasant and wild roses

She is happy to admit that she has succumbed to the particular charm of ancient varieties of roses – she has been collecting it since 1999, originally it was English roses. After the cold winters of 2009 and 2012, Marion Schneider realized that old rose bushes and wild rose bushes especially defy the Siegerländer climate.
Their unfilled and semi-filled flowers are a food source for insects in summer. And in winter, the birds nibble the wild roses. The Wilnsdorfer has learned a lot about these varieties on the Internet. In the meantime, she is a recognized expert in the field, even taking her own "children of roses", new varieties of the fruit of their roses.

No pesticides

Besides, the romantic garden does not do a lot of work, reveals Marion Schneider. Every three to five years, she fertilizes her roses with compost and another organic fertilizer. Giersch lets her grow up and serves her as a salad. On pesticides dispensed completely the pink woman. Garden friends heard: Gymnastics aphids on their pets, Marion Schneider relaxes in the garden chair and looks at the breasts in the aphid harvest.