A bad summer flu causes a decrease in the discipline of vaccination.

Instead of sweating in Badi, many Swiss are staying at home right now. But you can not talk about flu, according to immunologist Beda Stadler.

After working on the badi, cool off hot temperatures. For a large part of the population, this is currently part of the standard program. As a result, many Swiss are staying home today with a cold.

People talk quickly about a summer flu. But that does not seem to exist at all. "With the real flu, there is currently no increase," said the cantonal practice in Bern on request.

No association with the flu virus
Beda Stadler, an immunologist, explains, "Summer flu is an unfortunate term because it is a virus infection." More than 100 viruses are possible, but not all are linked to the flu virus.

The flu is caused by the flu virus and is a relatively serious disease. "Anyone who has ever had a flu will not talk about the flu the next time they catch a cold," Stadler said.

Poor vaccination discipline against influenza
According to Stadler, false reports on the summer flu have a direct impact on the population. "People say they have had the flu despite the vaccine. This gives the impression that a flu shot is not really necessary.

The result: "A miserable vaccine discipline against the flu," says the immunologist. The myth of summer flu aggravates this discipline.

Virus in the pool
Winter or summer – the risk of catching a cold is constant. In summer, however, comes a new source of danger. According to Stadler, so-called enteroviruses lead to oral fecal infections. "Just a patient to enter a pool without taking a shower to infect many others".

swimming pool
The so-called enteroviruses are hiding in the pools. – corner stone
In winter, washing your hands regularly and the least possible contact with other people would be enough to prevent infection. In summer, however, this is more difficult as food and bathing establishments are considered as a source of additional danger.