6. Moers Women's Health Day: care provided 2

6. Moers Women's Health Day: care provided

"We are very excited about the sixth Moers Women's Health Day," said Barbara Folkerts, the city's Commissioner for Equal Opportunities. Despite the heat, the workshops and conferences were well received.

The Equal Opportunities Office, the two Moers hospitals, the KNAPSHOP, the Sci-Moers, the "Parity" self-help point of contact, the Volksbank Niederrhein and the ZWAR networks have been the most important in the world. had invited. "Women have different roles in everyday life, often forgetting to think about themselves and their health," said Regina Ozwirk (St. Josef Hospital). The event should give a reason to pay attention to your own needs. It was under the motto "care by provision". Numerous workshops and conferences have been devoted to the prevention and detection of typical clinical images.

Supply and exercise

For example, Susanne Döhrmann-Sohr (senior consultant at Bethanien Hospital) reported one of the most common diseases: colon cancer. "It is important to take the symptoms of the disease seriously," she warned. As part of the two Moers Hospitals campaign this year, other tips and tricks have been given to an information booth. In the basement of the scientific meeting center, interested women could be enlightened, among other things, on the formation of memory. Bärbel Likar gave simple advice not to forget everyday life. The sport was also important: about 100 women accepted the offer and danced or tried relaxation exercises. Singing and dancing, the evening is over with the music of the band "Abbakustik". "After the great events of recent years, we are looking forward to the seventh day of Moers women's health," the organizers said.