5 Best Anesthetic Reactions! ๐Ÿ˜ต

Some of the funniest reactions from anesthesia after surgery.
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5 Best People Anesthesia Wakes Up:
Intro: Sedated girl waking up from the operation, mentioning different types of balls.
# 5 Boy after surgery in hospital with mother and doctor. "Ask me if I'm orange." "My eyes crave. Give them a drink."
# 4 A daughter after a knee surgery with anesthesia looks like a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres and Robin Roberts.
# 3 Scott woke up after knee surgery under anesthesia, talking about his child, Twister, Ice and Newswanker.
# 2 Woman Pre-Med student speaks loudly about her bubble stomach and pickled eggs after a general anesthetic surgery.
# 1 After the fifth hernia surgery and before anesthesia, Jason Mortensen first sees his wife. "Are you my wife?" –

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