Turkey wants to appease the United States with compromise – RT Deutsch

An explosive conflict between Turkey and the United States to NATO is about to reach a climax: the first delivery of Russian S-400 systems to Turkey will be charged, according to a press article Sunday in Russia in two cargo ships.

The defense industry executive of the Turkish presidential administration said the first delivery of the S-400 system would take place the second week of July. In addition, Russian technicians are due to visit Turkey on Monday.

The US government is strongly opposed to the purchase and use of the Russian system in the airspace of NATO and threatens Turkey with sanctions. She fears that Russia will obtain information on the capacity of the new stealth F-35 American aircraft thanks to the system installed in Turkey. Turkey is a partner in construction and is expected to lose about 100 combat aircraft. The Pentagon fears that the combination of the two systems in Turkey will allow Russia to spy on the F-35 and adapt its air defense to US jets.

Ankara repeatedly reiterated that fears were unfounded and suggested Washington to form a joint working group with the United States and Russia to address the Pentagon's technical objections.

Turkey has intensified its efforts to dispel these concerns for days. Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu said on Thursday that the system will only be used in case of emergency.

Why should the S-400 be turned on unexpectedly? The costs are too high for that. We did not buy it to use as a toy.

In the newspaper Cumhuriyet It has been said previously that the S-400 will work with an independent radar and not networked with other systems.

Initially, only an S-400 battery should be delivered, the newspaper reported Habertürk Friday. Other deliveries should follow. Cumhuriyet had previously reported that the first unit was stationed at the Mürted Hava Üssü (formerly Akıncı) air base in the capital Ankara. The government newspaper Yeni Şafak added Friday, they will be installed only there. We still do not know where it will be used in the future.

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