These models provide clean air 2

These models provide clean air

Smoke, pollen and animal hair accumulate in the air and cause allergies. Bleeding eyes and a sniffing nose are part of everyday life. Air purifiers help to improve the air of the home and thus contribute to well-being. Even non-allergic people should think about buying the device.

Who needs an air purifier?

Air purifiers must filter the air from the room and rid it of pollutants. There are impurities in the air such as house dust, particles, soot, pollen and so much more. Although particles can be dangerous for everyone, allergy sufferers include dust, pollen and animal hair in the air. Thanks to air purifiers, it is possible to prevent allergic reactions at home and improve overall well-being.

Pet owners and allergy sufferers especially benefit from an air purifier because these devices reduce allergens in the air. Depending on the severity of the allergy, the affected people feel a quick relief.

These models are recommended:
The winner: JINPUS air purifier

Our winning price-performance is the JINPUS combi air purifier. Unlike most devices, the JINPUS air purifier works with a filter and further ionizes the air. This has the advantage that the ambient air is mainly cleaned by the HEPA filter and activated carbon installed. Due to the additional light ionization, the heavy dust particles are directly bound and fall to the ground.

Many buyers speak of a neat air purifier that works according to its price. After all, air purifiers with filters cost several hundred euros. It's far below. The JINPUS air purifier is however less recommended for large parts: the manufacturer specifies parts from 10 to 15 square meters.

Every six months, the filter must be replaced according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the device does not automatically check if it is necessary to replace the filter sooner because of the high air pollution. the appropriate replacement filter are produced directly by the manufacturer and are inexpensive to obtain.

  • Cleaning type: filter and ionization
  • Cleaning efficiency per hour: up to 150 liters per hour
  • Recommended room size: up to 15 square meters
  • Noise level: ≤ 30 dB


These models provide clean air 3
These models provide clean air 4

Air purifier, air washer or ionizer?

Air purifiers differ in the way the air is cleaned. Conventional air purifiers have a very fine filter installed – often a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for unpleasant odors. The air washers wash the air with the help of water. Both methods are safe for humans. Good air purifiers work better than air washers and purify more efficiently.

The operation of an ionizer is a little more complex. Basically, ions are generated inside the device, which in turn attracts dirt particles into the air. Because of their weight, they fall to the ground. This phenomenon can also be observed, for example, near waterfalls or after rain showers. As a result, the person taking this air was very nice. However, due to the high electrical voltage, ionization can also produce highly reactive ozone gas. This poses a health risk in large quantities.

The compact air purifier for large rooms: Dyson Pure Cool Me

The famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson also offers a variety of fans with air purifier. The Dyson Pure Cool Me model is a compact model. Compared to other powerful cleaners with HEPA and activated carbon filters, the unit is relatively small.

The air purifier of almost three pounds however already occupies a certain place in the apartment. Unlike many other devices, the Dyson Pure Cool Me does not draw air from one direction to another, but from the other side of the grid. Then, he blows the air in ten steps in the room with a rotational movement of 70 degrees.

The Dysen air purifier even thinks: an automatic reminder function recalls, as soon as a filter change is needed. The wide range of functions, the high quality finish and the reliable cleaning have their price.

These models provide clean air 5
  • Cleaning type: filter
  • Cleaning efficiency per hour: up to 170 liters per hour
  • Recommended coin size: k. AT.
  • Sound level: k. AT.


These models provide clean air 3
These models provide clean air 4
These models provide clean air 8

Powerful: Phillips AC2887 / 10

The Philips AC2887 / 10 air purifier promises effective cleaning even in large rooms. The Philips air filter also filters the air with a dual HEPA filter and activated carbon filters. The device weighing almost eight kilograms is not meant for small rooms because it takes up a lot of space. It purifies up to 333 liters of air per hour and is therefore suitable for rooms up to a maximum size of 79 m².

At 51 dB, the Philips air purifier is a bit noisy. For this, it shines with an air quality display that indicates in real time on a screen and with different colors the current degree of indoor air pollution.

The Philips AC2887 / 10 is extremely bulky compared to its competitor Dyson, but it filters twice as much air per hour and at a lower price. Even though both filters must be purchased separately and are not cheap, they filter according to the manufacturer up to two years reliably. You can even compete with our price-performance winner.

These models provide clean air 9
  • Size of the performance: rooms up to 79 m²
  • Energy consumption: between 11 and 56 W
  • allergy mode
  • Air quality display


These models provide clean air 3
These models provide clean air 4

The smart home cleaner: Sichler air freshener

For those who like to control their home appliances with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the Sichler deodorant is a good choice. The HEPA filter air purifier can be activated and deactivated via a voice assistant.

In addition, you can also select the different modes of operation. In addition, a dehumidifier is installed in the unit 2 in 1. The air from the room can be dehumidified up to 750 ml at a time before the appliance is turned off. turn off automatically.

Sichler uses the seal of DIY magazine "Self is the man". The testers qualified the device as "good".

Sichler does not specify the air purification capacity per hour. However, rooms up to 25 square meters must be cleaned without problem. The air purifier does not have an activated carbon filter against odors.

These models provide clean air 12
  • Cleaning type: filter
  • Cleaning power per hour: k. at.
  • Recommended room size: up to 25 square meters
  • Noise level: 35 to 45 dB


These models provide clean air 3
These models provide clean air 4

Which air purifier for which application?

Dust, pollen, animal hair and cigarette smoke usually pollute the air of the room. All contaminants are better filtered by air purifiers. Ionizers generally help in the same way with house dust and cigarette smoke. If you are allergic to pets, you will be more likely to use air purifiers or scrubbers. Ionizers are rather useless here. The biggest disadvantage of air purifiers is their generally high purchase price. In addition, you need to replace the filter regularly, resulting in additional costs.

Especially for people with allergies, the purchase is worth it, especially in the Pollenzeit. Non-allergic people also benefit from a clean, uncluttered air, which improves their well-being and their health.

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