The Foodwatch survey shows: unhealthy and fat: These foods should be put back on the shelf

What is the health of our food? This question drives most people. But there is still no simple labeling in Germany. The consumer organization Foodwatch has evaluated 24 meals on the basis of the Nutri score, which is already established in some countries.

Ribs, steaks on the neck or maybe a fresh bratwurst? In summer, the grill is currently replacing the stove in many homes. The question of what is said about embers is always new. The greatest influence is of course the personal taste, but also the price and variety play a role.

Many people, and more and more, are also wondering if this food is healthy. Will all slimming plans be canceled with steaks? At least for a popular selection of barbecue products, the Foodwatch consumer protection organization now gives the answer. They tested various products based on what is known as the Nutro score.

What is the harmfulness of crickets in the foil?

Nutri-Score: close to reality

The Nutri score, which was developed in France and is already valid in Spain and Spain, is not limited to the levels of potentially harmful ingredients such as sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids. He also tries to evaluate, in counterweight, which healthy ingredients, such as dietary fiber and vitamins, are contained in each product.

Afraid of neck steaks? Barbecuing despite the diet

From bright green to dark red: big differences in notations

Strike is first: the differences are enormous, the missing mark on a traffic light is therefore all the more regrettable. On the Nutri scale, even products in a group get the A Green rankings, which is the healthiest food, while others in the same group have to settle for one E . dark red. They are therefore considered unhealthy, which many consumers are not aware of when buying.

Evaluation of the specific product required

In this particular case, Foodwatch took a closer look at Aldi's marinated chicken kebabs, which received a green note. The case of pork grilling torches, very rich in fat, was quite different, which you should probably do without. They only received the red E.

Most of the products managed to stay in midfield, but there were also gradations here. Thus, Burger's Beyond Meat veggie patties were cut with a yellow C, as indicated by "", while the veggie chicken fillets of the Rügenwalder mill with a light green B went far enough into the field superior. Incidentally, it is here that the A range of Green has landed, for example the Incredible Burgers of Nestle.

Mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise – it's not just a matter of taste, especially for losing weight. For specific products, mustard had at least one C and would have done even better with a lower salt content. When the ketchup was an orange warning D, even mayonnaise even an E. The torches roasted with mayonnaise and coke should ensure a fairly heavy evening.

BBQ in the sense of calories

Where is nutrition labeling easy to read?

Of course, there will always be inaccuracies in this calculation – but the system of colored letters always gives a basic impression. As "" already reported in April, a simple signaling solution for labeling in Germany is not yet in sight. The Nutri system also depends on the Federal Ministry of Nutrition. According to the report, a positive study on the subject aimed at "ensuring the utmost confidentiality", landed for the first time in the drawer. If the coalition agreement does not degenerate into waste, a solution must be found in the coming weeks.

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