The 6 most important facts about sun protection

Anyone who does not take a cream before sunbathing may not only take an intense sunburn, but also play with the risk of long-term damage that develops over time – such as strong and too much skin aging fast and skin cancer.

But you've probably already known that, is not it?

However, the following interview with a dermatologist will provide you with some additional information about sun protection, which you probably did not know yet.

FIT FOR FUN spoke to dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey from Munich, to clarify six important questions about cream during a sunbath.

1. When is it wise to cream?

"Just a few minutes of cycling to work or a short lunch break in the fresh air, it may be wise to go to the cream, because depending on the type of skin and the intensity of the sun, 15 to 20 minutes in the sun can cause burns.The intensity of the sun can be relieved thanks to the UV index.It is on the internet for your own place and is updated daily and easily (eg , Federal Office of Radiation Protection – Editor's Note). "

2. How long can I stay creamy in the sun?

"Of course, it depends on the sun protection factor.Fundamentally, the factor indicates how long you can stay in the sun compared to the unprotected state if you have not applied sunscreen .

So, if you can stay normally for 15 minutes without sunburn and then work with sun protection factor 15, you can theoretically stay in the sun for about 3.75 hours.

However, this is only the theory. In practice, no sunscreen reaches the advertised values. In case of perspiration and slight friction, the value also decreases. Basically, so we can assume that a sunscreen only reaches half the advertised value in the packaging factor.

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