Report on drugs and drug addiction: drug control makes sense

Directly from the dpa information chain

Berlin (dpa) – The party drug control project in Berlin is, according to the alternative report on drug addiction and addiction, a model for all of Germany. "We would have liked an initiative from the federal government and not that Berlin should proceed by stages alone," said Bernd Werse, a member of the board of directors of the European Society for Drug Research, on Friday. in Berlin. In the so-called control of the drug, party-goers can take a drug before consumption anonymously and have impunity for the purity and dosage tested. The planned offer is intended to help prevent drug-related deaths.

The report criticizes a policy "zwiegespaltene" in Germany. Alcohol and tobacco would be treated relatively lax, while the low consumption of illegal substances such as cannabis would be continued, said Heino Stöver, managing director of the Institute for Addiction Research in Frankfurt am Main. -Hand. Nationwide, drug consumption rooms were lacking in Germany. Until now, they exist only in seven federal states and are barely networked. Thus, an exchange of data on the substances, the forms of consumption and the age of the consumers and thus the prevention makes it more difficult.

According to federal government drug commissioner data, 1,276 people have died in the past year, four more than in 2017. The main cause remains opioid-induced intoxication. such as heroin.

The alternative report, issued for the sixth time, aimed to make the emotionally charged subject of drugs policy more objective, Mr Stöver said. He called for an independent party commission at the federal level.

For the planned drug control, improvements are possible. For example, in Austria it is possible to analyze drugs directly at a party – and to anonymously link the procedure to a consultation. In Berlin, a long race is planned for party-goers. One opinion came to the conclusion that this concept is legal. There is no start date yet.