Mini-treatments with Botox and Co.: A faster look, a younger look

A beautiful skin without perceived imperfections such as pimples or wrinkles is always part of the coveted beauty ideals, according to various methods to appear without wrinkles and youth as long as possible. There is a range of inexpensive treatments – from Botox to Liquid Lifting to highly effective anti-aging masks.

Botox or Lifting? Mini treatments for professionals

Micro and Botox Botox

Injections with microfine needles and more diluted Botox solutions provide particularly natural results and an anti-aging effect that, while providing a brighter and more alert appearance, never looks like a mask. In addition to the lighter composition of the injection solution, the effect can also be adjusted by the lower penetration depth. Ideal for wrinkles, crow's feet and to smooth wrinkles. Patience pays off: the skin is smooth after seven to 14 days.

Depending on the concentration of Botox, the result will last from three to six months. However, the folds can not penetrate deeper into the skin because of the inhibited facial expressions and appear to be significantly reduced with regular use – even if the Botox is already completely degraded.

Liquid lifting and Mini-Filler

In Liquid Lifting, wrinkles and fine lines are injected with a coating, padded and smoothed from the inside. The gel-type filling solutions are based on different formulas of hyaluronic acid or nano-fat and can furthermore be enriched with extracts such as antioxidant or moisturizing ingredients that durably improve the skin. Liquid Liftings are anti-aging with an immediate visible effect and ideal as a mini-coating, if you have to go fast.

Hyaluronic acid is completely degraded after about three months; Nanofett only for a part, so the effect is preserved in the long run.


Anyone who wants to refine and soften the complexion in the long run can use microdermabrasion to alleviate irregularities such as pigmentation, sun damage and acne scars. With the best microcrystals blown onto the skin, the dry cells of the skin are removed and the surface is gently peeled. The mechanical stimulus stimulates the regeneration of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, so that the skin regenerates naturally over time. Subsequently, hyaluronic acid or other anti-aging ingredients are much better absorbed through the skin.

After the first treatment, the skin is softer, after about six to eight repetitions, facial features are tightened and many wrinkles are erased. Due to the natural aging process of the skin, the result lasts about six months.

Medical needles

The treatment of the skin with microscopic needles stimulates blood circulation, cell metabolism and collagen production and makes the skin particularly receptive to subsequent anti-aging serums, which are then absorbed into the skin like a sponge. Automatic application dermarollers have shorter needles, about 0.5 millimeters long, medical devices for professional applications of longer needles, 1.5 to 3 millimeters long.

The treatment refines and improves the overall appearance of the skin, smoothes small wrinkles and harmonizes irregularities. Similar to microdermabrasion, the result lasts about six months.

Anti-aging and mask: mini-treatments for the home

Masks and serums

Highly effective serums and intensive masks are ideal for bringing facial time and beautifying the skin with anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts, vitamin C or retinol , as well as other antioxidant and mineral complexes. Use the serums for the overlay and let it work all night, apply the masks one to three times a week and relax for about 15 minutes while the skin regenerates.

LED masks can further enhance the effectiveness of the sera while increasing collagen production and skin regeneration press,