Kantonsspital Baden extends its offer to Brugg – New: Rheumatology – Brugg – Aargau

According to KSB, the former owners of the Brugg group, Rainer Klöti and Urs Hintermann, have retained their practice as treating physicians. This will ensure continuity of rheumatologic supply in the Brugg region.

"Recently, it became clear that it is not easy to find a succession solution to rheumatological practices," says KSBCEO, Adrian Schmitter. On the other hand, KSB enjoys great popularity as an employer, especially in the field of rheumatology. "In this context, it was clear that there had been discussions on cooperation, and we are delighted to have managed to create a win-win situation for all concerned."

Under this agreement, KSB will take over all the shares of Duo Klöti / Hintermann's MZB Brugg AG from 1 January 2020. Rainer Klöti, 64, and Urs Hintermann, 66, will continue to serve Patients as treating physicians and current employees will continue to work on the Brugg site. They are receiving the help of an experienced rheumatologist from a Swiss university hospital, who has decided to move to the KSB or the Brugg Medical Center.

Residential treatment of patients

The connection with KSB facilitates cooperation with specialists from other fields, said Andreas Thueler, Head of Rehabilitation and Rheumatology at KSB. Especially in inflammatory rheumatic diseases, this aspect is very important. According to Thueler, the patient has other advantages: "With a larger medical team, it is easier to reduce the previously unavoidable wait times for consultation appointments. to be exchanged in a very efficient way.The patients who need urgent consultations or who have to be transferred to the hospital are not the least. "

The fact that the synergy used between KSB and the Brugg Medical Center is working well has already been demonstrated in other areas. For example, KSB offers a variety of services in Brugg, for example in the fields of radiology, oncology, hematology, dialysis, surgery or urology.

"The cooperation with the Brugg site has progressively developed in recent years, so the management of the rheumatologic supply is a consistent continuation of this strategy." Brugg's patients benefit from near-hospital care and know-how of the medical network, "said Schmitter.