Great Britain: from 30,000 followers, we are famous

The football star Cristiano Ronaldo, which has about 174 million followers, has the largest number of followers on Instagram. But even with fewer fans, members of the social network can be officially celebrities: 30,000 subscribers are enough to make you famous, at least in the United Kingdom. In particular, this was decided by the regulatory body ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) as a result of an action of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

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According to a report by Ars Technica, a lifestyle blogger gathering around 32,000 followers would have published sponsored publications on drugs in its user account. Among other things, it was a sleep aid. According to British (and also German) case law, this type of advertising for drugs is prohibited. Only: for the UK to really be an advertisement, the blogger should be really famous – and according to Sanofi, it was not enough.

The ASA has now decided that the blog "steamer" or "blogger" was considered a celebrity on the network from about 30,000 followers – advertising for drugs was therefore inadmissible. The case is not directly transferable to other countries for a number of reasons. But it is quite revealing of the scale of an influencer in the network, even more than anyway to pay attention to adapt to stricter requirements in terms of sponsorship.

In Germany, by the way, there is another much lower threshold: if you reach at least 500 viewers simultaneously with your feeds, you may need it – for example, if the program is still running. "according to a schedule" is broadcast – a broadcasting license, which costs depending on the economic success of the offer once between 100 and 10 000 euros.