Fridays for the future in Coburg: against coal, pesticides and rubbish 2

Fridays for the future in Coburg: against coal, pesticides and rubbish

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Coburg – "We are here, we are noisy, because you steal your future": the protesters are therefore agreed Friday at 13 hours after the school before the CO Realschule during the fifth action "Fridays for the Future "in Coburg. The crowd is limited to 25 participants, but the co-organizer Elias Zeltner is optimistic: "We are expecting 150 participants". Finally, the road always passes by Alex, Ernes, Casi and Albert. But also in high schools, there are only a few students. In total, there were probably 60 participants, the police said two hours later.

Even if the participation is not up to expectations: those who take to the streets for the protection of the climate make noise. They demand renewable energies instead of dredging coal companies in the distance, stuffing their pockets at the expense of others. The slogans on the streamers are also clear: "Coal in education rather than in the oven", "Without trees, no dreams" and "Politics can not do it properly, the land threatens to s & # 39; 39; falter. "

At the Angerkreuzung, stop the protesters, mostly young. "We signal to the many people already victims of climate change," echoes the voice of a co-organizer who comes out of the megaphone. For two minutes, the "Fridays for the future" activists prove "the previously protected police intersection between Bamberger Strasse and Schützenstraße." It forms a small traffic jam, motorists leave the side window down and watch the traffic jam. 'agitation to calm down, but the request "people let it show, joined you in the demo" was replayed.

45 minutes after departure on the Glockenberg, the market square is reached. In the middle of the crowd are Clemens Schindler and his sons Moritz (11 years old) and Emil (8 years old). The father holds up a banner with the message "Take climate protection seriously!". "I come because I want an intact environment for my children, as now, it can not continue," said the worried father.

It is also the quintessence of Dietrich Pax. At the request of the organizers, Callenberg's organic farmer is engaged in agriculture and actively campaigns for organic farming. It is ecological, evolutionary and sustainable, so "reproducible in the infinite, without causing damage to the environment or the social sphere". It does not say any pesticides, because they are "killers". To minimize this, the industry prefers to talk about pesticides.

At the same time, he takes farming in total protection. Farmers are both victims and perpetrators, because they could not escape the laws of the market, but were suffering from climate change. "We harvested a third less on our farm last year because of the warm weather than usual," he says of the consequences of global warming

For Pax, it is clear that organic farming can feed the world population if this form of agriculture is used on all lands. The higher prices that it justifies by the fact that the farmer manufactures two products: food and landscape care. Cheap food promotes elimination, he says. In addition to rethinking the policy, it also requires more judicious use of farm funds. This would save billions of dollars to repair the weather damage.

However, it is wrong to blame politics alone for everything. When everyone is in demand for climate protection, Pax calls on rally participants to think critically about their own consumer behavior – and to change it. Food, clothing, bargains: "With every purchase, you shape the future," he writes in the herd book. He wants regional organic products to be part of the shopping basket of wandering consumers who want to pay fair prices.

Throwing food was also the battle of Isabell Hachberger and Sibylle Oettle. Both are involved as food economists at Foodsharing in Coburg (NP from June 22nd). "We have carried out 780 missions and saved 6,300 kilograms of food here up to now," she said with great approval. The performance uses the duo to encourage participation.

The local actions of "Fridays for the Future" will be supported by Mayor Norbert Tessmer. He promised Friday to the organizers during a conversation at City Hall. "It's fine, but the parties must now also show that they care about climate protection," said Elias Zeltner.