Food Journal: What Anna Schürrle Eats in a Day

With her radiant smile, her elegant fashion sense and her vegan recipe ideas, Anna Schürrle inspires more than 70,000 fans every day on Instagram.

His great passion for a plant-based diet discovered the architect studied a few years ago. Since then, she has creatively integrated fruits, vegetables and many other things into her daily life, so her followers can not help but taste the simplest recipes, savor the meals while enjoying properties beneficial to health.

What Anna puts on her plate every day to make the most of the power of plants, and if her husband André Schürrle is involved in this nutritional plan, she reveals in the GALA Food Journal.

Food diary: Anna Schürrle

the morning

In the morning, strength for the body and the spirit

In the morning, Anna likes to start with a hearty breakfast buffet, such as chia porring or porridge, or one of her smoothie creations. In the blender, come for fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds or kelp flakes. They are made from brown seaweed, especially rich in minerals and vitamins. The chocolate peanut butter treat, as Anna reveals in the interview, however, ranks first on their list of favorites: "It's a healthier alternative to sugar-rich candies". Cats with a sweet tooth will not miss this chocolate mix.

The smoothie recipe:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 lawyer
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200 ml of oats

Put all the ingredients in a powerful blender and the creamy chocolate smoothie is ready!

Thanks to the natural fructose of the banana, the drink is deliciously sweet. The avocado makes the smoothie super creamy and provides the body at the same time valuable omega-3 fatty acids. They eliminate free radicals in the body and are considered a natural anti-aging food. Peanut butter provides an extra portion of protein, making it a great choice for a healthy breakfast or quick snack.

at lunch time

Anna's Lunch fills and revitalizes

Anna's Lunch fills and revitalizes

When preparing her lunch, Anna pays particular attention to two things: he must be full and not be tired after eating. This is why it consumes all kinds of seasonal vegetables and complements them with other vegetable sources of protein, which facilitates the digestion of foods. Sweet potatoes, quinoa, lettuce, herbs & co. Often end up in Anna's lunch basket. With a spicy vinaigrette of tahini, lime juice, salt and pepper, she completes her meal and satisfies her hunger for lunch in a healthy way.

Every time I eat, I make sure to do good to my body!

As you explain in the Food Journal, Anna also follows a creed: "My diet is high in protein and composed mainly of plant ingredients, healthy fats and vitamin-rich foods are also important for me. "

The mother of a little girl and wife of André Schürrle loves to cook for his family, takes enough time and experiments with many new recipes and dishes. Especially popular in Schürrle: pasta! "For me, I try to choose a gluten-free version, like rice or buckwheat noodles, which fill you with food for a long time and are rich in nutrients," says amateur cook Anna.

Colorful, healthy and super stylish

The lifestyle of Anna Schürrle

to taste

Three solid meals are ideal for the day – that's their motto. But while nursing her little daughter Kaia, the new mom has to eat up to 600 kilocalories a day more than usual: "It's what I feel about my strong appetite," jokingly Anna and indulge on this special occasion as an extra snack like a toast with avocado or homemade ice cream.

the evening

Anna Schürrle's Food Journal ends with a dinner that is easy to digest and not too spicy. Sleep is not affected. In the plate, for example, comes a white fish with steamed vegetables. This is particularly rich in protein and fiber and thus benefits intestinal health. Interesting side effect: the low carbohydrate meal does not affect fat burning, so they can stay quiet during the night.

The fact that Anna feeds her body mainly with balanced foods, that she can use wisely, is bearing fruit: she looks healthy and happy, her complexion is radiant, her skin is pink, his body is in perfect shape – and all that without prohibiting anything. A concept that seems to work well for Anna and her body.

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