Education Minister Eisenmann rejects health as a school subject

04. July 2019, 09:40

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) German, maths, health? The president of medicine wants to transform the school curriculum and is already calling in primary schooling for junk food. At least from Baden-Wrttemberg, he receives a refusal.

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Susanne Eisenmann (CDU), Minister of Education of Baden-Württemberg, answers questions during a conversation.

Health as a subject? Susanne Eisenmann (CDU), Minister of Education, does not care. General health and nutrition as well as a healthy lifestyle in particular are of course very important topics at school, said Eisenmann of the German news agency. However, these topics are largely embedded in the curriculum and students would have the skills to eat healthy.

Since the subject is treated broadly and by class type and class, the Ministry of Culture does not consider that its own subject, nutrition, makes sense. The additional topics required repeatedly, such as daily client declaration or tax return, could not be introduced simply because the hours and teaching time are not infinite, the authorities said.

President Klaus Reinhardt had asked that children be systematically informed of a healthy lifestyle, even at school. In his opinion, health promotion should become a subject in primary school. This includes, for example, knowledge of healthy nutrition. Reinhardt called on the country's ministers of education and health to launch a concerted effort to mainstream prevention into programs.