Beauty trend: beautiful skin thanks to volcanic ash

For a long time, we have been taking care of our skin with gold particles and activated charcoal. Now, a beauty trend of Iceland and Hawaii is conquering our bathroom shelves: maintenance products with volcanic ash. They should evoke a radiant and beautiful complexion …

What can volcanic ash do?

If you've been to Hawaii or Iceland before, you may already be there Well-being treatment with volcanic ash have heard. The inhabitants have been caring for their skin for centuries natural beauty product.

Like clays, volcanic ash contains naturally amorphous silicates and aluminosilicates of sodium, potassium and calcium. They contribute to Remineralization of the skin at. People particularly prone to acne, oily and clogged skin should have access to toiletries containing volcanic ash. Because she should fight impurities can.

The skin will be soft, according to beautician Alexandra Soveral thoroughly cleanedIcelandic bentonite (a rock caused by the alteration of volcanic ash), for example "excess of skin oil" and "Impurities of the pores" Soveral speaks at the refinery29.

In addition, the volcanic ash beauty treatment promises effective healing and fight rashes, cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, wrinkles and more.

Volcanic ash is considered a miracle of beauty, not only in terms of skin care. She should also tell us about a beautiful mane in good health. Therefore, there are special hair masks, with which you take care of your advice.

These products contain volcanic ash

To fight acne, oily skin, clogged pores and impurities with volcanic ash are above all Masks and scrubs popular products. The content of sulfur content helps, for example, Kill the bacteriaDirt is virtually extracted from the pores.

During the exfoliation, your face is massaged with volcanic ash. The dead skin cells become so gently worn and the dirt is removed from the pores. Subsequently, the black miracle rinsed with lukewarm water.

Masks based on volcanic ash have a fat and thick consistency. If you paint it on your face, it's dry and becomes a clean layer. by about 15 minutes it is then rinsed thoroughly. The result: a refined skin texture.

These are our beauty favorites with volcanic ash:

first Jafra
"Royal Volcano Revitalize Micro Peeling Mask", buy here for about 39 euros
second Botany Olivilio "Natural hair mask with 95% volcanic lava", buy here for about 13 euros
third R + Co "Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste", buy here for about 29 euros
4 Gold serum "Volcanic ash scrub", buy here for about 18 euros
5 volcanic "Revitalizing volcanic scrub mask", buy here for about 17 euros

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