Beauty surgeries with Chinese students more

Cosmetic surgery enjoys, according to a report by Chinese students and even the youngest college students are becoming more and more popular.

18-year-old Shen Hui (alias) will start her university life in September. She decided to improve her appearance with a double fall operation. An intervention that is their priority this summer after completing their entrance exam at the university.

"People tend to judge someone based on their outward appearance, and I can not afford to be careless about that," Shen said. She thinks that a kinder face will make her looking for friends, a romantic relationship or even a job easier.

Shen is one of many school graduates who dream of becoming more beautiful through plastic surgery.

Shen reveals that one of his close friends is also considering an eyelid operation to make his eyes look bigger and wider, while another suggests an adipose facial gland.

According to Xu Xiaofei, a plastic surgeon at Shanghai's Basilica Clinic, the summer holidays are a busy season for student clients. The number of patients in June, July and August is generally 80% higher than in other months as the number of student patients has increased.

This is why many agencies have introduced various discount promotions to attract more young customers.

According to a survey, the Chinese plastic surgery market in 2018 exceeded 220 billion yuan. The proportion of patients aged 20 to 25 was the highest, at 40.4%, and those under the age of 19 accounted for almost 20% of patients.

According to the survey, more than half of women undergoing plastic surgery did so to satisfy themselves, while 19% of those surveyed said they had undergone surgery for professional needs.

In the meantime, we can see more male students in plastic surgery clinics. Her average cost of beauty surgeries was 7,025 yuan, or 2.75 times the average woman's expenses.

Guo Shuzhong, director of the first BCC plastic surgery hospital in Beijing, told that it was advisable for teenagers under 18 years old not to undergo plastic surgery because their bones were growing more.

Guo also warned teens against blindly following a trend.

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