At first, Martin (28) from Kassel considered that it was a flu – then the diagnosis: a blood cancer!

Martin de Kassel, 28, has a blood cancer. Only a proper stem cell donor can save his life. Any healthy person between the ages of 17 and 55 can help and register on Saturday, July 13th at Kassel's Ing.Schule as a potential stem cell donor at DKMS. It is also urgent to make cash donations, the non-profit organization incurring a sum of 35 euros for the registration of each new donor.

Kassel. Martin and Miriam – for five years, they are inseparable. "Martin is a generous, honest and empathic person who enjoys mountain hiking, is a football and Star Wars fan, enjoys good food, Toten Hosen and his cats Harvey and Marie, and is the worst passenger in the world. , a passionate coffee drinker – but unfortunately can not cook it himself – and does everything for his family and friends – in short, he is the love of my life, "says Miriam.

Both plan a future together, want to start a family, have many dreams in common. But all of a sudden, everything changes: Martin suffers from flu-like symptoms. He feels flaccid, has an extreme cough, the doctor writes badly. Medications have no effect – on the contrary, the symptoms increase. Martin can barely stand up. He can no longer play with his nephew for five minutes, even putting on his shoes becomes hard work for him.

Easter Monday pulls the emergency brake on his family and brings him to the emergency room. The blood test shows extreme abnormalities, its lymph nodes are clearly inflated. The word "cancer of the blood" falls for the first time. Martin receives a blood transfusion because of devastating blood levels. The next day, a puncture of the bone marrow is performed. The suspicion becomes a certainty: Martin is suffering from leukemia! A shock for the young couple. Suddenly, the world is at a standstill and all dreams are off.

"Despite permanent nausea and other side effects, Martin does not give up, he struggles to survive and wants to recover," said Miriam, who no longer leaves her side. "After the first chemophore was hit, he first contracted a serious infection and then a relapse, and it became clear that only a suitable donor can save his life."

Once it became apparent that Martin's sister, Anne, is out of the question as a donor, the time for anxious waiting starts now. Anne and Miriam do not want to remain inactive during this time and therefore mobilize their common circle of friends. "We have founded the Future4Martin organization group and are planning a big registration campaign, and already the sympathy is overwhelming.We hope that many people will mobilize and send a message of solidarity. No matter who, every 35 seconds, a person around the world falls ill with a cancer of the blood.An unbelievable number.Anyone who follows our call could be the good lifeline for Martin or a Another patient, so we appeal to all the citizens of Kassel and the surrounding area and ask with all our heart: Come to the action, with this you give the most precious thing that exists: the hope of a second life. "

KSV Hessen Kassel and many other clubs and individuals support Martin and Miriam, their families and friends in advertising looking for a suitable donor. Steffen Friedrich, team leader: "Health is the most important thing in life, we have to do everything so that every person has a chance to get out of it, in which case Martin needs help of the KSV family, so we hope to help him in his work. "

Appointments and information

13th July 2019 from 11 am to 4 pm Ing.Schule (at the refectory) Wilhelmshöher Allee 73 34121 Kassel

Registration is quick and easy: after completing a consent statement, the donor will have his cheek swabbed with cotton swabs in order to determine his / her tissue characteristics in the laboratory. Donors who have been registered for an action in the past do not need to join again. Once saved, the data will continue to be available to patients around the world.

Since the DKMS as a nonprofit organization in the fight against blood cancer is based on donations, is solicited financial support. Every euro counts!

Donation account DKMS IBAN: DE48 7004 0060 8987 0000 97 Intended use: MQH 001 Martin