Abortion in medical studies: Léonie went to Sweden to learn - justice 2

Abortion in medical studies: Léonie went to Sweden to learn – justice

Was abortion a mandatory event in your Swedish university?

Yes, in the gynecology module, it's the duty.

Can we say: my religion speaks against, I do not go there?

There was no attendance list. So, you could have stayed away. I did not realize that someone was not there for that reason. I do not mean that all medical students are completely behind. The stigma that abortions are reprehensible still exists.

After that, you worked in the abortion department. How did you experience this?

I was assigned to a doctor, I ran with her and I attended counseling sessions, usually at Erstgespräche. Some knew very well: I want an abortion. Other women were not so sure, but wanted the options to be stated openly. The discussions were very different, including the mood.

Some cried because they could not handle the stress, feel guilty and could not tell their partner or their family. And of course, there were those who had already had an abortion, knew the procedure and were enlightened. But there was not a single reckless conversation.

Have women informed online before?

A large part was partly informed, yes. There is also information on the side of the abortion room. As you can already read: what are my options? And the station is even featured on the Instagram appearance of the clinic.

In Germany, agencies like Pro Familia advise women who want to abort. Can not they be a better help than stressed doctors?

I have not had experience that the situation of pregnant women in Sweden was less good. But the doctors also had the time: the interviews lasted between 45 and 60 minutes. First they were allowed
Tell pregnant women, then the
Displayed options. It was also about knowing what it would mean to keep the child. Then it became
partly directly asked: how should we continue now? There is a lot of self-determination. In Sweden, it is also the law: no one is allowed to talk to women. Until 18
Week of pregnancy, they decide in a totally independent way.

But that's not just a medical decision.

If women had social or financial concerns, this was also discussed. And pregnant women have always received a business card or phone number from a social worker and a psychologist or a psychologist.