Scorchio! Britain's sunburns pour in to share images of their misery online

The thermometers were hit by record temperatures in the UK over the weekend.

The Met Office said Temperatures around Heathrow Airport had reached 34C, Saturday is therefore the hottest day in decades.

Festivalgoers in Glastonbury were treated by the organizers with free water and sunscreen to prevent sunstroke.

And everywhere in the UK, people have taken precautions against the hot sun.

Although most of us have been limited to 50 times, some cases of severe sunburn have occurred. And this time, in 2019, the victims did not keep their misery for themselves, but went on Twitter to show off their lobster skin and their radical tanning tapes.

"My sunburn is now in this phase of itching, Lord, give me strength!"

Emma Fleetwood on Twitter

That's why a Facebook message from Texas mother Cindie Allen-Stewart became viral – she developed a foolproof method to eliminate sunburn.

She explained: "Start by buying shaving cream with menthol mousse. It must be foam and contain menthol.

"We found Gillette shaving cream on Amazon because we were having trouble finding menthol mousse in stores, so we ended up buying 6 cans, but it works because we live in Texas and the sunburns are common. (We also gave some cans to friends.)

"Then apply the shaving cream on the fire.This may sound like a strange razor ritual, but trust me! Do not rub it, just let it rest on your skin. It will start to bring out all that heat (you may feel it) You may also feel itchy, but it's a good thing! Itching means healing. "

After half an hour, it's time to wash the residue: "You will feel like you have a cold, "she added.

"At least in the sun-burned area,

"Then rinse it in a shower or a warm or cold bath, it is simply to remove residues.

"If you still need it, start again the next day, normally the sunburn disappears after this second treatment.

"I also use it with my children!"

Cindy swears by her sunburn and says that it is much more effective than traditional remedies like aloe vera.

The best way to fight against sunburn, of course, is to not catch them. Stay away from the sun, wear a hat, especially if you are bald, and protect your skin with shade, clothing and sunscreen that will protect you from UVB and UVA rays.

The British are warned that we are using the wrong sunscreen: researchers at King & # 39; s College London found that people were not taking full advantage of sunscreens because they used them thinner than those recommended by manufacturers.

The study comes as Britain struggles with one of the hottest and driest summers ever.

The King team investigated DNA damage to the skin after reducing the thickness of the sunscreen to below 2 mg / cm².

The results showed that sunscreens with a SPF of typically applied 50 would provide at best 40% of the expected protection.

They suggested using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor higher than what users would consider necessary to prevent sun damage.

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