Project "Healthy aging in the neighborhood": the wishes of the participants were enormous

pc Erndtebrück. Healthy aging in the neighborhood – this is the goal of an AWo-Bundesverband project. Erndtebrück is one of five rural model municipalities in the whole of the Federal Republic. It looks for ways to grow old in good health. To this end, an exchange of ideas took place Thursday afternoon at the Town Hall Erndtebrück. More than 20 seniors have spoken with Arbeiterwohlfahrt representatives and employees about offers that help older people stay in shape. "I am delighted that there is such a thing in Erndtebrück," said Mayor Henning Gronau and praised the correct answer.

At the beginning of the event, Sebastian Gottschall of AWo-Bundesverband asked the participants the overarching question: "What do you need locally?" The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of existing offers, but also to create new offers, if necessary. there is a need for that. "We are trying to put in place sustainable structures," said Sebastian Gottschall. The project is divided into four areas of activity: exercise, nutrition, addiction prevention and relaxation or stress management.

In the Council Chamber, participants had the opportunity to express their wishes in a critical and external way and finally to formulate concrete proposals for improvement that would allow Erndtebrück's elderly people to lead a life. healthier. With desires and dreams, there was no prohibition to think, so the participants' ideas were also of enormous significance. And the proposals did not always directly concern health and prevention. But stay healthy, which increases well-being. – Here are some wishes and criticisms at a glance:


• best basic medical care

• free transport of passengers

• bridges of better quality and without obstacles

• a park and several benches

• best entrance to the pool

• emergency button for each elderly person

• In-store shopping and delivery service

• Visitor Service and Medical Visits

• More excursion offers for senior citizens

• Citizens buses at weekends

• Course "Space for the body and the soul"

• a visit to the cinema once a month


• There is a lack of walking trails with benches

• long waiting times in doctors' offices

• severe shortage of local specialist physicians

• Medical care is not enough

• lack of nursing capacity

• There is no assisted living offer

• The soldiers at home still unused

• Fear of closing the indoor pool

• bad sidewalks and roads

• a lot of truck traffic in the city center

• The fresh market has been closed

• "and the evening is dead pants in place"

One sentence sums up the debate well: "Germany is not such a friendly country for children and the elderly." Concrete ideas are now treated in more detail in working groups.