IRW-News: AgraFlora Organics International Inc .: AgraFlora Organics Receives a Hemp Production License from Health Canada; for an immediate flow of high CBD crops in the asset portfolio of food and beverage manufacturers 2

IRW-News: AgraFlora Organics International Inc .: AgraFlora Organics Receives a Hemp Production License from Health Canada; for an immediate flow of high CBD crops in the asset portfolio of food and beverage manufacturers

IRW-PRESS: AgraFlora Organics International Inc .: AgraFlora Organics is authorized by Health Canada to produce hemp; for an immediate flow of high CBD crops in the asset portfolio of food and beverage manufacturers

Vancouver, British Columbia / July 3, 2019 – AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (AgraFlora or the Company) (CSE: AGRA) (Frankfurt: PU31) (OTCPK: PUFXF), a diversified, growth-oriented global cannabis company, has the pleasure of announcing Following its press release of May 30, 2019, the Company has obtained a license from Health Canada under the industrial hemp license it holds under the authority of the cannabis (industrial hemp license or international humanitarian law), the Delta Greenhouse Complex, with an area of ​​2.2 million square feet. ,

The company's full spectrum industrial license offers AgraFlora the following growth, multiplication, breeding and product formulation / manufacturing capabilities:

– Reproduction of high quality hemp seedlings for comparable IHH receptors;

– develop additional short-term incremental cash flows while consolidating AgraFlora's position as a leading supplier of high-quality starter crop culture for the emerging hemp industry in North America;

– Proven "on-demand" selection model designed to produce up to 1,300,000 small / high density hemp crops per rotation of 28- to 42-day old seedlings;

– establishment of a hemp propagation nursery specially set up for this purpose in the context of existing greenhouse infrastructures;

– introduction of high-grade CBD hemp crops into the downstream portfolio of functional beverages containing AgraFlora functional foods, topicals and cannabinoids;

– The Edibles and Infusions Corporation: development and production of functional foods products;

– The Brewhouse: formulation and production of CBD-based beverages, including non-alcoholic beer, mineral water and ready-to-drink beverages (RTD)

– Canutra Naturals / HowlBrands: Manufacture of a range of body care and performance products based on hemp / CBD oil, including:

– therapeutic palliative balms;

Creams and pain-roll-ons infused with CBD;

– organic cosmetics with anti-aging properties;

– shampoos and conditioners; and,

– Solar cream

– Scheduled commercial production of organic hemp seed oil for distribution;

– Experiments with crops with high CBD content and development of the CBD variety;

– collection and storage of high quality varieties / seeds for resale;

– production of specialized fibers;

– Successful recovery of hemp stems, which must be transformed into fiber-based products and specialized high-margin building materials.

Associated with the prestigious brand portfolio inspired by hemp / CBD and its commitment to the development of innovative products and industrial research, the award of an industrial hemp license underlines the commitment of AgraFlora to bring an entrepreneurial response to the global demand for hemp and CBD products. use. AgraFlora will begin initial research and development in July 2019, initially testing Health Canada approved varieties.

AgraFlora expects that once fully optimized, the proposed industrial hemp activities will provide an abundance of raw materials to its unique portfolio of cannabinoid product formulations and downstream equipment, which will allow to the company to generate significant cash flow on all cannabis. Value chain. The company's 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse complex is set to become one of the largest and most advanced cannabis producers in the world, serving as a springboard for the integration of its capacities upstream, intermediate and downstream.

Mr. Brandon Boddy, Chairman and CEO of AgraFlora, said: "The Canadian cannabis market continues to evolve.With the second wave of cannabis legalization with food, beverages and topical products scheduled for October this year, we expect an exponential increase in demand for CBD.

One of the main responsibilities of AgraFlora is to ensure that we can react to changing laws, maintain market adaptability and maximize returns. We have applied for a hemp license to complement our high-quality, low-cost cannabis production business model, and we believe that the use of the existing greenhouse growth and replication infrastructure is greenhouse will provide the company with a steady stream of additional funding.

In collaboration with our experienced partners, the Houwelings Group, we are aggressively pursuing the research and development of a high CBD hemp variety, which will result in higher CBD yield and a return on investment per acre compared to currently available varieties.

All planned hemp plantings at the Company's facilities in Delta, British Columbia, will leverage the existing greenhouse infrastructure that is currently not intended for commercial multiplication initiatives and / or cannabis. As a result, AgraFlora's hemp cultivation activities will not affect the current spread and subsequent cultivation of cannabis. The cultivation of hemp will not interfere with planned cannabis cultivation at the greenhouse complex and will not reduce the ability of the Delta plant in British Columbia to grow cannabis crops.

Following the Company's press release of April 29, 2019, pursuant to a letter of intent dated May 22, 2018, the Company issued to Cornelius Houwelings the second issue of 1,250,000 free shares (the shares). at a price of $ 0.425 the action.

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