Canton of Aargau, Canton of Zurich, Canton of Basel: View of Switzerland: Wettingen store offers radiation protection textiles for cell phones and WLANs

Company sells mobile phone and wireless Internet textiles

In Wettingen, Baden district, opened a shop with an assortment of special products on the weekends. It offers textiles for sale against the radiation of mobile phones and wireless LANs. According to the "Aargauer Zeitung", it is the world's first store of protective clothing against electromagnetic radiation. The range of so-called "Wavesafe" textiles includes, among other things, garments of all kinds and mosquito nets, in the fabrics of which fine metal structures are interwoven, intended to produce a protective effect.

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Drug dealer in Wülflingen hides heroin in the curtain

Investigators specializing in drug cases have discovered a strange drug hidden during a search of the home of a man suspected of drug trafficking. The suspect had stitched pieces of drugs in the curtains of his window. According to the City of Winterthur police, the investigators had obtained a search warrant in early July for alleged drug traffickers. In Wülflingen, in the 61-year-old man's apartment, 40 grams of heroin were obtained, including a few grams sewn under the curtains.

Tanker bounces on a wall near the Rhine near Basel

A luckily empty tanker crashed Tuesday night against a river wall in Basel after a power failure. According to the cantonal police, the main engine broke down in the tanker, so that the ship crashed against the dike near Elsässerrheinweg. The team remained unscathed. With the help of firefighters, the ship was able to dock again at Kleinbasler's side. During the recovery period, the section of the affected Rhine was closed to navigation.

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Many visitors to Hallwil Lake also leave a lot of waste

After the huge influx of swimmers on Lake Hallwil, the remaining garbage mountains are very bothersome. As wrote "Aargauer Zeitung", it looked like a rain of visitors after the influx of visitors, as if a bomb had hit: overflow baskets, piles of rubbish and scattered garbage such as grills and drink cans. Under these conditions, the requirements for the rapid introduction of the law on garbage, which imposes a fine of up to 300 francs, increase.