Allergy sufferers must not do without ice cream in Gladbeck |

For vegans, fruit ice cream is appropriate. And even with incompatibilities, there are icy alternatives. Glacier operators in Gladbeck give advice.

Those who can not eat normal ice cream, for example because of allergies or intolerances, sometimes have difficulties. Glacier operators in downtown Gladbeck offer tips on what to look for when buying cold meatballs.

Alert the glacier server directly to allergies

For example, Antonio Morossi of the "Dolomiti" Glacier at the Lambertikirche urges the seller or server to report incompatibilities when choosing ice cream. "It's only that if the client tells us that he does not tolerate something, we can take it into account." This is especially true for ready-to-eat sundaes, filled with various types of ice cream or fruit. If the customer declares what he can not eat, another type of ice cream is chosen accordingly.

For vegans, for example, "Dolomiti" is also suitable for fruit ice cream. "It's made without dairy products, lactose and vegan." Mr. Morossi also made vegan milk ice cream, then almonds instead of cow's milk. However: "You taste a difference compared to standard ice cream." In addition, the demand for vegan ice cream is too low to be able to offer it permanently, said the ice cream operator.

A list of all ingredients must be available

In addition, all glaciers must have a list of all ingredients used for several years. "Customers who do not support something may appear on the list," says Wolfgang Haas of "Ice Cream Coffee Cream". There is no vegan ice cream. "We call ourselves cream because there is ice cream here, and all the ice creams are made with milk," says Haas. The Cortina ice cream parlor, Hochstra├če, now offers several varieties of ice cream for diabetics. Chef Rosanna Fabbro explains: "Our frozen pineapples, dark chocolate and strawberry yoghurt do not contain sugar and are therefore also suitable for diabetics." Cortina's fruit ice cream also does not contain dairy products.