What to do and what not to do for the loads

Fillers are some of the most popular anti-aging treatments (with Botox injections), as they reduce skin wrinkles, give the lips and cheeks a new volume and evoke more facial contours, with before-after effect immediately visible. Injections of autologous fat or hyaluronic acid on the neck or back of the hand are also increasingly used to lift relaxed tissue, to cushion the skin and visually rejuvenate it for years. It is important to keep in mind the most natural results possible for fillers and a result that lives up to expectations. A tutorial for the time before, after and during.

Beauty injections with loads: the most important things to do and don'ts

Do: invest in quality

To obtain a natural and uniform result, without cuts or odd proportions (inflatable keywords-lips), it is essential to invest in the treatment of quality sealant – both in the sealant and in the doctor's choice , that is, the dermatologist or the plastic surgeon. Because only experienced experts know the subtle differences between the respective filling and injection methods to apply and opt for each application for optimal technique and concentration individually, such as Nanofett for the back of the hand and the Hyaluronic acid for the lips. In addition, only tested materials from recognized manufacturers should be used, without an unnamed fillers.

Do: Take your time

… and avoid express treatments that deal with briefing and filling injection in one instant session. In particular, beginners in dentures should take the time of a detailed consultation during which, together with the doctor, the optimal method for the desired effect is determined. For the procedure itself, a second appointment will be reserved. After all, filling (at least for a few months) of time, exchange excluded and should be considered accordingly.

Don'ts: at first, choose a high load dose

We recognize, among other things, the good doctor, that he first injected small amounts of filling and that he first waits for the result and the feelings of each as to its result before filling it again. Note: increase the dose if necessary and repeat the application is very easy; However, it is difficult to remove too much load.

Do not go into the filling treatment stress

Cutting and redness of the hair after a separation (or a change of employment) enhances self-confidence and facilitates the new start. However, due to lack of sleep, increased epinephrine and unilateral diet, stressed and stressful, the whole body is affected, which also affects the metabolism of the skin and the natural production of collagen. Filling treatment can falsify and lead to undesirable results.

Do not: fill in the day of an event

Beauty treatments should never be reserved the same day as an important event, such as eyebrow correction and pimple treatments, as well as filler injections. If the skin reacts after treatment to short-term irritations, such as redness or swelling, one prefers to have a refreshing mask on the couch rather than smiling in front of an HD camera.

Do: Adjust makeup after filling treatment

Putty on the face – whether to smooth wrinkles, accentuate cheekbones or line lips – changes the effect of makeup. Try out different variations, document yourself with selfies and discover the amount of ideal makeup, ie the right shades of red, lipstick and bronzer. Pink red and lipstick with apricot or sorbet flavors adapt to almost any complexion and have a particularly youthful appearance.