These foods should necessarily be consumed by women over 40 years old.

In terms of our health, we are becoming more aware of the age and the foods that support us and that also have an anti-aging effect, we tell you …

Although we prefer to avoid certain foods from the age of 40, because they can promote the formation of wrinkles and harm our health, there is of course a contradictory directive: Food we should eat. The selected food can not only reduce the appearance of aging, such as wrinkles, hair loss and brittle nails, but also Balance the hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, from now on, you should regularly include the following seven foods in your diet

1. red berries

Whether for a radiant complexion that lean a little or for health – red berries – be it him, blue, earth or blackberries – are a real miracle weapon and especially in old age, they do a lot of good to our body. Fruity vitamin bombs can not only reduce the risk of heart disease and improve memory, but they also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, so that the skin shines longer and younger. In combination with an optimal care product, we can go back as easily as five years earlier.

2. citrus

Although we can eat what we wanted without gaining weight at a young age, it becomes much harder to maintain it at an older age. This is mainly because the metabolism slows down considerably and can not convert so much energy. However, citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruit or oranges can remedy this because the amount of vitamin C that they contain properly warms the metabolism. However, vitamin C breaks down rather quickly, which is why we should occasionally use fruit-based or citrus fruit drinks, such as the fashionable "Switchel" beverage.

3 eggs

Now it is not so easy to develop muscles in the gym and when we are lazy for two weeks, there is not much to do with well defined abdominal muscles and marmots. It is, however, quite normal at age 40, but we obviously do not want to accept it for a long time. We do not need it either, because with selected foods containing proteins, we can support the construction of our muscles. The eggs are very good for that. At the same time, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and others can regulate the blood sugar level in the morning, which can become unbalanced much more quickly with age and thus protect against eating cravings.

4. Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

In the 1940s and at menopause, estrogen production decreased, resulting in annoying side effects such as hair loss, hot flashes, and loss of libido. Gynecologists, meanwhile, can prescribe female hormones, but those who do not want to take them can also regulate the hormonal balance with the help of special foods. Phytochemicals, called phytoestrogens, act like estrogen produced by the body. And if we eat more foods that contain these substances, we can naturally increase this level of hormones. In sunflower and pumpkin seeds, for example, one can find a lot of Lingnan, a sub-category of phytoestrogens. So if every day we incorporate a handful of these seeds into our diet, hot flashes, lack of desire, and society can not do much for us.

5. apples

Whether in the morning with porridge (which is also very healthy, by the way) or in the afternoon as a small snack – apples should also be one of our daily snacks. Why? Not only does pectin in apples quickly saturate, but it also contributes a lot to weight loss by stimulating digestion, but it can also lower cholesterol levels, which can in turn minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is not a word that goes without saying: "One apple a day, keep the doctor away!" (dt.An apple a day, keep the doctor away.)

6. Salmon

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids are another important nutrient for us, women over the age of 40, who give the skin a new glow, which prevents inflammation and prevents prolonged fatigue. For example, oily fish such as salmon contain large amounts. This meal should be on the table once a week. But beware: pay attention to the origin and attitude, because many fish are now loaded with heavy metals and they are quite beneficial to our health.

7. Legumes

Whether for a radiant complexion or for shiny hair, red berries and legumes are among the absolute sources of beauty among foods. They promote cell structure and allow lentils, peas and other organisms to protect themselves against aging. The high levels of iron and protein and the low fat content make these superfoods absolute miracle weapons in the fight against the persistent problems of the stomach, hips and buttocks. This is not everything; Small seeds also contain phytoestrogens that, like sunflower and pumpkin seeds, can regulate hormonal balance.

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