Medical students from Innsbruck defend their titles

03.07.2019 09:53

Medical students from Innsbruck defend their titles

A team of Uni Innsbruck medical students successfully defended the 1st place of the Paul Ehrlich 2019 competition in Frankfurt. Already last year, the students of Innsbruck were the best. The victory of the International Performance Competition held this year by the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main again provides excellent testimony to Innsbruck students and to the medical training of the venue.

Innsbruck, 03.07.2019: Innsbruck medical students Ursula Leuschner, David Plappert, Vitalij Zeiser, Sebastian Sallaberger and Filipp Sokolovski, actively supported by seven students from Innsbruck and the team's supervisor, Alexander Kroiss, Join forces with 15 other medical teams Universities from the German-speaking region participate in the Paul Ehrlich competition. It is important for students to manage ophthalmological diagnoses, differential diagnoses, multiple choice questions, clinical cases and practical tasks as quickly and accurately as possible. "We were able to win in the final on the second day of competition thanks to a very good team performance compared to our competitors, but we are particularly happy to have managed to defend the title. Team Supervisor Alexander Kroiss, who provided us with an excellent response to the contest and mentally coached us all along the way, we met for a year at least once a week to prepare for the competition and ourselves or under the guidance of many speakers, who also have our thanks, "says Filipp Sokolovski with his colleagues. Wolfgang Fleischhacker, Rector of the University of Medicine of Innsbruck, and Peter Loidl, Vice-Rector for Education and Studies, rejoice: "Congratulations to our outstanding students, who have also shown to how good our training is in Innsbruck! "

Paul Ehrlich Competition

In 1998, the Benjamin Franklin competition was held for the first time at the Free University of Berlin. This competition, in which face teams of students from various medical schools and renowned universities, continued after the merger with Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. From 2012 to 2015, the competition was held as a Goethe competition at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main. Since 2016, this competition – under the new common name Paul-Ehrlich-Contest – is taking place alternately in Berlin and Frankfurt / Main. The Innsbruck University Medical Team won the Paul Ehrlich Competition for the first time in 2018 and defended its title successfully in 2019.

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