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July 3: Walking barefoot strengthens the body and mind

Shoes and just walk barefoot. It's a good idea – right now, where pleasant temperatures allow it. Walking barefoot has positive effects on our health.

Several studies in recent years have shown that we walk a lot more barefoot. A California Institute for Human Science study found that barefoot runners are less stressed. Running for 30 to 40 minutes a day without shoes makes us more calm. And: Students who do not wear shoes in class obviously do better at getting better grades – worldwide.

The positive effects on physical health are obvious: running barefoot strengthens the foot muscles and improves our posture. In addition, the feet have better blood circulation and are therefore more resistant to fungal diseases of the foot and nails.

July 2: What's better – manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush?

With daily dental care, you have the choice: either you clean with a conventional toothbrush or with one of the many electric toothbrushes on offer. But what is healthier and better? Scientists from the University of Greifswald conducted a study of 2819 adults. They examined the teeth and gums of the respondents and then brushed them with manual toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes. After six and eleven years, participants were re-examined for dental health.

RESULTS OF THE STUDY: The dangerous gum pockets, caused by plaque and bacteria and which can permanently cause periodontitis and eventually tooth loss, were 22% less deep in the case of "electric cleaners" than participants cleaned by hand. On average, the hand cleanser lost 0.4 more teeth.

June 28: Bullying makes you fat

Who is teased in his childhood because of his body weight, carries an increased risk of becoming fatter in the following years. It was the result of a study from Yale University.

For the study, 110 children ages 11 to 8 years old were asked on average how many times they were bullied based on weight. 8, 5 years later, participants were interviewed and re-examined. As a result, over the years, children who have been bullied have exceeded their weight by one third compared to unaffected children. Bullying has even greater effects on body fat: participants who have been bullied have had a fat gain of 91% per year.

After intimidation attacks

Lucie halves her weight – and shows it to everyone

Lucie Hadley lost more than 60 kilograms.

The scientists assume that the psychological stress caused by bullying promotes weight gain, for example through stress-related metabolic changes or by compensating for grief through eating.

June 27: Tea helps to lose weight

Green tea can help you lose weight

Green tea can help you lose weight

If you want to get rid of a few pounds, drink green tea every day. According to one study, catechins in tea help prevent norepinephrine formation in the body. Norepinephrine helps the body lose weight. The fact that it is preserved with regular consumption of tea in greater concentration in the body, is therefore conducive to weight loss. This was evident in several studies on green tea extract.

And green tea can do more than just stimulate fat burning: storage in fat cells is also inhibited by the drink. This was particularly clear in studies with mice.

June 26: San Francisco prohibits electronic cigarettes

Juul's electronic cigarettes in San Francisco have conquered the world, but now, San Francisco wants to be the first city in the United States to ban the sale of popular cigarettes. On Tuesday, July 25, the city council voted for a corresponding provision.

Electronic cigarettes must be banned in San Francisco.

Electronic cigarettes must be banned in San Francisco.

The prohibition is pronounced above all for the protection of young people. Because especially among young people has burst a real e-cigarette epidemic. In particular, nicotine products, some of which have a mild flavor, are very popular. Critics here see the danger that these products massively reduce the threshold for young smokers.

The start-up Juul Labs itself protests against the ban. He brings "adult smokers to deadly cigarettes", quotes among others the CBS transmitter of the company.

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