England: man wants a glass of water - he did not expect it - Panorama 2

England: man wants a glass of water – he did not expect it – Panorama

The man asks for a drink of water at the bar – what the waitress says then drives him crazy


Photo: imago images / photothek

In the small English town of Hebburn, a man just wanted a drink the tap water at the hotel bar to take his medication. He would not have expected the reaction of the service.

He did not intend to respond to his request. Instead of a glass the tap water she told him to buy a whole bottle for a pound, or 1.12 euro.

The man asks for a glass of water and is rejected harshly

Jonathan White, 25, was absolutely right in his request. As indicated by the British portal "Ladbible", UK legislation states that licensed outlets must also provide free water to their visitors.

Jonathan tried to explain his situation to the bartender. He had money for two beers, no money card, and his credit card was not working.


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Suddenly she knocks in the direction of the cell phone

Even when he told her that he had already bought two beers and that he needed water only for his medication, she did not help.

Aged 25, he filmed the whole situation, which the employee apparently only brought in the palm. "You can shoot as much as you like," she calls before she barks in the direction of the smartphone.

As the British portal reports, the Northumbria police are following the incident. On the one hand, because Jonathan was denied the water to which he was entitled, on the other hand, because the woman visibly hit in the direction of his cell phone. (Db)